So You Want to Start a Photography Business: Portfolio Organization

A well organized portfolio will be every photographer’s best asset when it comes to attracting potential clients. Here are a few tips to a winning and organized portfolio:

  1. Make sure your portfolio only shows your best images!! If you have ‘deer in the headlight’ eyes caused by the pop-up flash, throw it out! As well as any studio shots with bad shadows on a backdrop or basically any badly exposed images (out-of-focus shots scream amateur a million miles away no matter how cute Suzy Q looked in it!)… ACTUALLY, if you are still producing these types of shots then rethink starting your business until your shots become business worthy!

  2. Your portfolio should show variety!! Pick your top 3-5 images from each session and make these your portfolio examples.

  3. Edit and update on a constant basis! Keep only a certain amount of portfolio images at all times. Don’t just keep adding to the mix. Throw out the images that no longer show you at your best… this is what updating and editing is all about.

  4. Each portfolio section should be clean and not contain a hundred different selections to choose from… I would say keep it narrowed to 3-5 sections. For example:

    • Bellies, Babies, Kids, Family
    • Location, Studio, Misc.
    • Color, B&W, Effects
    • Landscape, Architecture, People… etc.

  5. Be creative, not distracting in naming your sections. Potential clients want to know exactly what they will see when they click on an album section. If you name your sections ‘Thumbs,’ ‘Toes’ & ‘Buttons,’ you better have thumbs, toes and buttons to look at not eyes, bottoms and hair (trust me it’s been done and is very confusing to a potential client).

  6. And lastly, make sure your portfolio reflects what you do all of the time. If you have a photo that you hated setting up and doing but have it in your collection, chances are that you will be asked to recreate that image in some form or another.

So keep these all in mind while you get your portfolio organized and business ready! BTW, hope this helps!

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