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Last week, we paid tribute to Carl (aka ohenry) for all the hard work he’s done on the Premiere Projects over the past year (just to clarify, he’s not dead or anything… just passing along the torch!). The torch has been passed to Mario, known around these parts as Nikon_Mario. With this passing of the torch, we’re taking the opportunity to do a little retooling of the Premiere Projects.

For those of you that aren’t Premiere Members, you may not know exactly what the Premiere Projects are. Here’s a brief run-down: Premiere Projects are theme based, and with each project, Premiere Members have the opportunity to challenge themselves to grow as photographers. Each projects outlines a topic for the members to photograph. The photos are then submitted for discussion/critiquing/reactions. At the end of the project period (there’s a new project every two weeks), a vote is held to determine which photo best represents the theme while maintaining high photographic quality.

So why would you want to do these projects?

Well, it’s a chance to test and challenge yourself to grow in your photography skills, specifically when taking photos on a specific topic. You also get an opportunity to see how other photographers approach the same theme, and discuss the various compositional, technical and creative differences with each photographer. In addition (and this is one of the new perks we’re adding to the Premiere Projects), the winning entry from each project will automatically be entered into the Photograph of the Month contest for that month.

Another little extra perk we’re putting together is the PPotY (Premiere Project of the Year) contest. At the end of each year, all the winning project entries will be displayed and voted on by the entire community. We haven’t put together the prize list yet, but I’d be willing to bet it’ll be pretty cool.

How Do I Sign Up?

Good question. Well first off, you have to be a Premiere Member to take part in the Premiere Projects. To sign up to become a Premiere Member, either click here to go straight to the Paid Subscriptions section of the Corner, or, go to your User CP in the forum, and scroll down to Paid Subscriptions. To find out more about the other benefits of Premiere Membership, check out If you missed it last week, we currently have special pricing on Lifetime, Premiere Memberships. The “sale” was supposed to end today, but I’ve decided to extend it until the end of the week. A bunch of members have taken advantage of the special pricing, so I want to give as many people as possible an opportunity to get in on these new Premiere Projects. So you’ve got until Friday night to take advantage of the special pricing on Premiere Membership! (Oh, and by special pricing, I mean HALF PRICE!!!

Once you’ve become a Premiere Member, the rest is pretty straight-forward. Point your mouse to the Premiere Projects forum and look for the latest project. If you have any questions about the current project or Premiere Projects in general, either ask in the comments section for this post, or send Nikon_Mario a private message and he’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of you in the Premiere Corner, and a lot more participating in these fantastic Premiere Projects!

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Mon, 2008–10–20 15:42
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