The New Corner Contest Galleries

I was hoping to get this done in time for Christmas when Santa stopped by the Corner, but it ended up being a lot more work than I had expected. I forced myself to get it done before voting started for the 2008 Photograph of the Year contest (one of the reasons it’s taken me an extra day or two to get voting started). What am I talking about, you ask? Why, the new Corner Contest Galleries of course! Now, these galleries aren’t meant to replace our current photo galleries, but they will serve as the new galleries for all of our contests.

You can see all the entries for all of our past Contest Corner Challenges, Photograph of the Month contests, and Photograph of the Year contests. For those of you subscribed to the blog, if you look around, you’ll also find the current 2008 Photograph of the Year galleries in there as well. Voting will begin in a couple of hours, but I wanted to give the faithful Corner Blog readers a little bit of a sneak peak.

The new contest corner galleries, provided by one of our favorite sponsors SmugMug, feature a plethora of options, including slide shows, the ability to “thumbs up, thumbs down” photographs, comments, and the ability to see EXIF info (if it’s embedded in the photograph). There’s lots to explore in there, with well over 2,000 photographs in the galleries already. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll update the links around the site to point to the new galleries, but don’t be surprised if some point to the old ones for some time.

While you’re waiting for the 2008 Photograph of the Month voting to start, why don’t you head over there, comment on some photos from past contests, and give some of the ones you like a green “thumbs up” (and if you can find them, check out the photos that you’ll be voting on in a couple of hours).

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Wed, 2009–01–14 22:04