March 2009 Bling

PhotographyCorner 1K Commitment AwardIf all goes according to plan, I should get the March 2009 edition of the Corner Newsletter out while I’m still on vacation (forcast says there might be some rain coming in a couple of days). As always, that means it’s time to hand out Commitment Awards to those that have reached milestones with regards to their post-count in the past month. Commitment Awards are handed out to those who have shown great community dedication & commitment, and have reached a specific post-count milestone (1k, 2k, 5k and 10k). While last month we awarded 6 people with Commitment Awards, this month we have only one. There are several people right on the cusp of receiving awards, though, so I anticipate a bunch of people receiving awards next month.

Bronze Commitment Award
Bronze Commitment Award


Congrats on being the only award recipient this month, Jenn! Be sure to congratulate her in the comments!

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Sun, 2009–03–22 13:39
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