Premiere Projects Reviewed (and Premiere Membership SALE!)

There are a lot of moving parts to PhotographyCorner. Obviously the main attractions are the forums as well as the contests, but we also have this blog, a directory of photography-related sites, a resource center with articles, tutorials and product reviews, a free public photo gallery, as well as our contest photo galleries, and a whole bunch more. One of the best things about PhotographyCorner, in my opinion, tends to fly under the radar sometimes though. It's probably the best way to learn and improve your photography, as well as the best way to interact with other photographers. I'm talking about the Premiere Projects, of course. The only way you can participate in the Premiere Projects, however, is if you're a Premiere Member. Luckily for you, as of right now, Lifetime Premiere Memberships are HALF PRICE until the end of the month (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP). Becoming a Premiere Member has a bunch of benefits, including the ability to participate in the bi-weekly Premiere Projects. Below is a closer look at the Premiere Projects in a brief interview I did with Nikon_Mario who runs them (and does an amazing job!) for us. After the interview, look for how you can sign up to become a Premiere Member and start participating!

Some people don't know what the Premiere Projects are. Tell us a little bit about how they work.

Premiere Projects are photo challenges. A new one is set every two weeks. At the start of the 2 week period, a theme is announced. Members participating in the Project must take a photo pertaining to the theme during the project period. Photos are then submitted to the project thread and other Premiere Members get a chance to comment on the photos.

At the end of the project period, the entries are gathered into a voting thread and the Premiere Member community gets a chance to vote on which image they feel best respresents the theme.

There are no prizes like the Contest Corner Challenges - why would someone want to participate in them?

The Premiere Projects are primarily about learning. Participating in them allows a member to develop his/her skills as a photographer. There are many benefits to be gained from participating in a photo project with a specific theme:

  • Motivation - often your camera might sit for long periods because you are not feeling inspired to take it out. A theme or topic can help to motivate you.
  • Refined vision - a Premiere Project theme can help you to see the world in new ways. When you are looking for a shot to fit a particular theme, it often requires you to look at the world around you in a different light.
  • Opportunity to 'plan the shoot' - It's often said that the difference between a 'snapshot' and a 'photograph' is the intent of the photographer and the planning that goes into the shot. When you are shooting for a theme, you tend to have to think about your composition, lighting, story, mood, etc as it pertains to the theme. Hopefully this leads you to becoming more aware of the elements that go into a good photograph.
  • Valuable feedback - the Project is set up in such a way that you submit photos to the project thread during the two week period. All participating members are encouraged to give feedback on the photos that are submitted. Getting feedback from other members that are participating in the same theme can provide some valuable insight into improving your results.
  • Specific learning - the themes are often designed to have you work with a specific technique or genre. This gives you a chance to learn about, and experiment with, various photographic techniques - and you get to do this in a fun and motivating way!
  • Multiple attempts - The project thread is set up to encourage you to submit a photo on the theme, get feedback, and re-shoot if you wish. Or you may take the opportunity to get feedback and shoot other photos on the same theme. Being able to create and submit multiple photos to the thread provides increased opportunity for learning.

An additional reason to participate in the Premiere Projects is that the winning photo from each project gets an automatic entry into the voting for the Photograph of the Month competition.

Any final thoughts about the Premiere Projects?

In addition to learning, the stress is on fun. We like to think that Premiere Projects provide a fun and encouraging environment to grow as a photographer.

It also provides an opportunity to remove some of the annonymity of participating members. The banter, participation, critiquing, encouragement, and submitted photos all help to reveal who we are.

I like to think that in addition to providing a chance to improve our photography skills, the Projects provide us with a way to form friendships and bonds with other people who share our love of photography and our desire to learn.

Wow - Thanks, Mario, for taking the time to explain to everyone exactly what the Premiere Projects are all about. How could you not want to sign up now, eh? As I mentioned at the top of the post, until the end of the month, Lifetime Premiere Memberships are HALF PRICE! You can check out all the benefits of Premiere Membership here, and you can sign up for a Premiere Membership here (you can pay by PayPal, credit card, or even check!). If you have any questions about Premiere Membership or the Premiere Projects, ask myself or one of the mods, or any of the Premiere Members you see around the site! Looking forward to seeing you in the Premiere Corner and participating in the Premiere Projects!

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2009–03–19 17:22
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