Where To Post Your Photographs in the Corner Forums

With a bunch of restructuring going on in the Corner Forums, it can get confusing as to where to put your photographs. Here’s a little breakdown of what should go where. To start off, you have 3 options: the Corner Galleries, the Photo Sharing Corner, and the Critiques & Feedback Corner.

The Critiques & Feedback Corner forums are strictly to be used for posting photographs up for critique and feedback, and for providing critiques and feedback on said photographs. This is not the place to post up a bunch of snapshots you took on your last family vacation, nor is it the place to post comments like “great shot.” The Critiques & Feedback Corner is for posting up photographs that you want feedback on, and for providing critiques on feedback on everyone else’s photographs. Be sure to read the Critiques & Feedback Corner Guidelines before posting in these forums.

The Photo Sharing Corner is a place to share photographs. Maybe you don’t want feedback or a critique, but just want to post some photographs up for others to see - then this is the forum for those photographs. If you don’t want your photograph critiqued, but you do enjoy showing your photographs to other people, then this is the place for you to post your work (save your best ones for the Critiques & Feedback Corner). Be sure to read the Photo Sharing Corner Guidelines before posting in these forums.

The Corner Galleries are sort-of a free-for-all - you can upload whatever you want here (family-friendly content, of course). You have up to 100MB of space (1GB if you’re a Level I Premiere Member, and 5GB if you’re a Level II Premiere Member), so you can upload lots of photographs. The catch is, there’s not as much activity in the galleries as there are in the forums. It’s a great place to upload a bunch of photographs, and an easy way to share collections of photographs with the community, friends and family. For help on using the Corner Galleries, check out the tutorial threads at the top of the Questions & Suggestions forum.

Now, once you’ve decided whether to put your photographs in the Corner Galleries, the Photo Sharing Corner, or the Critiques & Feedback Corner, you maybe have to narrow it down even further. The Corner Galleries have 18 different sub categoties to choose from, in addition to your personal albums, so really, it’s completely up to you what you put where. When it comes to the Photo Sharing Corner and the Critiques & Feedback Corner forums, here’s how it breaks down:

Photo Sharing Corner

  • People - The people forum is perfect for those snapshots of people (kids, family, friends, parties, weddings, etc). Basically, if the photos you want to share have a person or people as the main subject of the photo, upload them to the Photo Sharing Corner People forum.
  • Places - If the main subject of the photo is a place (sunset, landscape, architecture, etc), then the Photo Sharing Corner Places forum is the best bet for your photo.
  • Things - The Photo Sharing Corner Things forum is for anything that doesn’t belong in the People or Places forums. If your photo is not of a person or a place, it’s of a thing (think cars, pets, inanimate objects, bugs, flowers, etc).

Critiques & Feedback Corner

So if you don’t know where to upload your photographs after all that, my advice to you is: make your best guess and then PM one of the moderators and ask them to move it if they think it’s not in the right place. Now then, you’ve done enough reading - start posting up some photos!!!

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Tue, 2009–06–09 21:21
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