SmugMug Corner #49: Wayne Wood

It's been a long time coming - over half-a-year, in fact, but the SmugMug Corner interviews are finally back on the Corner Blog. And we have a great photographer to kick it off: Wayne "Woody" Wood from Banning, California, who is not only a photographer, but is a musician, singer, and all-around computer guy. You can read his interview and check out 10 of his photographs below (including one that was printed on a full page of PC Photo Magazine in the June 2007 issue!).

Name: Wayne Wood

This is All Mine

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Wayne (Woody) Wood. I live in the beautiful San Gorgonio Pass Area of Southern California. I'm a musician and singer who got very tired of being on the road all the time, so I stopped traveling and devoted my time to photography as a way to stay busy. I live in Banning, California, a town of about 20,000 located just off Interstate 10 in Southern California. Banning is located 25 miles west of Palm Springs and 100 miles east of Los Angeles. Banning was a Wells Fargo stage stop a long time ago. I'm a member of the Redlands Camera Club in Redlands, California. The Redlands Camera Club has been in continuous existence since 1896.

I just recently had one of my photos printed full page in the June, 2007 issue of PC Photo Magazine (see below).

Stormy Weather

I fly Ultralight airplanes and have about 2000 hours in various planes. I play guitar, violin, banjo, mandolin, etc. and sing and write most of my own songs. I played music under the name of Woody Phillips. I market my CD's on My music can be played and purchased on the web site if so desired.

Today, my main business is computers. I have a small business in Banning that keeps me busy most days.

Yellow Hallway

What is your background/training in photography?

I'm completely self taught. I read lots of material about photography and computers. The camera club I belong to has been a great source of information for me. There is a lot of knowledge in our club.

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

How long has photography been a passion for you? When, where and how did it start?

I started with an Argus C3 when I was about 16 years old. It was love at first sight. I read everything I could get my hands on about photography. My father, rest his soul, allowed me to build a darkroom in the garage and I started processing my own film and prints, color and black & white. It was a lot of work back then, especially with color. I don't think most people these days realize how great we have it now that digital is the norm.

Battleship Wisonsin

What equipment is in your camera bag? What piece of equipment will be added to the collection next?

I use Olympus equipment. I have three bodies: An E-330, E-510 and a recently purchased E-30. My lenses include: 50mm f2 macro, 10-20 mm Sigma wide angle, 70-300mm telephoto, and my walk-around lens, a 18-180mm Olympus zoom. I'll be purchasing a 12-60 mm f2.8 Olympus Lens as soon as I can come up with a good excuse to tell my lovely wife why I need (want) it.

Hey, We're Hungry!

What are your favorite places/subjects to photograph? Why?

I don't have a favorite place or subject. I photograph whatever catches my eye, which is just about everything.

Heading Home

How long have you been Smug with your photographs? What features do you most enjoy with your SmugMug account?

I've been a SmugMug member for 3 years or so. I checked out a lot of other sites before I chose SmugMug. They have, for me, the easiest ways to modify and upload images. Plus I just like the look of the site.

Really Close

If you had do sum up in 50 words or less the impact SmugMug has made on your photography/photography business, those 50 words would be...

Exposed my photography to many people who would not otherwise see it. I get a lot of people in my site. I like that.

Night Patrol

If you had to give one piece of advice to those wanting to pursue photography, what would you tell them?

Take pictures of everything and anything. Get them into your computer and see what you have. You may be surprised. I usually am. Read all you can about things that interest you. And practice, practice, practice!


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