Half-Price Premiere Membership Sale (& $25 Off from Mpix.com!)

If you’ve been around the Corner for a while, you’re probably familiar with all the benefits of Premiere Membership: exclusive forum access; bigger prizes; Premiere Projects; Post-Processing Projects; larger Corner Photo Galleries; the ability to nominate photographs for the Photograph of the Month contests, and the list goes on and on. Now, until the end of the month, you have the opportunity to become a Premiere Member for HALF PRICE!!

Until the end of September, you can become a Level I Premiere Member for $39.50 or a Level II Premiere Member for $64.50!! In addition, the first 40 new Premiere Members will receive a $25 discount (no minimum purchase, and discount can be applied to shipping!) off your next order at Mpix.com!

To sum up:
  1. Become a Premiere Member at half the regular price
  2. Support the Corner
  3. Get free $25 worth of free stuff from Mpix.com

To find out more about becoming a Premiere Member, visit www.photographycorner.com/premiere-membership, and to become a Premiere Member today, visit the Paid Subscriptions section of the UserCP in the Corner Forums. For more information on Mpix.com and to see what products they have to offer, visit www.mpix.com.

You only have until the end of September to take advantage of both half-price Premiere Membership and the $25 discount from Mpix - so BECOME A PREMIERE MEMBER TODAY!.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Fri, 2009–09–18 14:47