Video Corner #17: Basic Photography Lighting Setups

Today’s Photography Thursday edition of “Video Corner” is a continuation from Video Corner #15: How to Use Lighting Ratios in Photography, which was posted last Thursday. The video below discusses a variety of specific lighting setups and their lighting ratios by looking at 7 different lighting setups (outlined below the video for your reference) with each setup including several sample photographs.

  • Setup 1: Portrait Light
    1. Lighting ratio of 2:1
    2. Uses a large and small softbox

  • Setup 2: Fashion Light
    1. Lighting ratio of 4:1 or 8:1
    2. Uses a reflector and softbox with a grid

  • Setup 3: Beauty Light
    1. Similar to Fashion Light, except uses a beauty dish instead of a softbox
    2. Lighting is harder and has more contrast

  • Setup 4: Fashion Light II
    1. Lighting ratio of 1:1
    2. Uses a standard head for the background and a small softbox for the subject

  • Setup 5: Beauty Shots
    1. Complicated setup using 6 lights, multiple reflectors, standard heads, a ring light, a softbox and umbrellas
    2. Generally uses a 2:1 lighting ratio

  • Setup 6: Glamour Light
    1. Uses 5 lights: ring flash with a softlight reflector, 2 standard “kicker” lights, 2 standard heads
    2. Typically uses a 2:1 lighting ratio

  • Setup 7: Flare
    1. Uses a ring flash and a bare bulb for intentional lens flare
    2. Lighting ratio of 4:1

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2009–09–03 15:42
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