Meet the Sponsors of the 2009 Photograph of the Year Contest - Mpix

Over the next week or so, during the voting of the 2009 Photograph of the Year contest, we're going to have the chance to get to know some of the sponsor companies a little better. We'll kick it with one of our returning sponsors from last year:

Tell us a little bit more about Mpix. is an online digital imaging lab for the both the professional photographer and the advanced amateur. With an internet connection, a digital file and a credit card, photographers can upload their images, order professional photographic prints ranging from mini wallets to 24x36, specialty photographic items, and press products.

Why did Mpix decide to sponsor the PhotographyCorner 2009 Photograph of the Year contest?

Mpix is dedicated to the promotion and support of emerging professionals, advanced amateur and hobbyist photographers. Our involvement in the 2008 PhotographyCorner Photograph of the Year contest was very rewarding for us as a company, and we have been excitedly awaiting the 2009 voting!

Tell us a little more about the prizes Mpix is offering for the contest.

We are offering a $300 Mpix gift card for the 1st place winner, and a $100 Mpix gift card for 2nd through 10th place.

How will the prizes that Mpix is offering help people become better photographers?

Our goal is to provide excellent quality and turnaround time for each and every photographer. The Mpix gift cards will allow these ten lucky winners the opportunity to see their images on stunning professional paper.

What else would you like to share with the PhotographyCorner community?

Congratulations to each of the winners, and thank you to the PhotographyCorner for allowing us to share with this great community of people!

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Fri, 2010–01–15 21:00
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