Uncommon View is the 2009 Premiere Project Photograph of the Year

2009 Premiere Project Photograph of the YearLast week we announced that, for the first time ever, the winning photographs of the Premiere Projects from the past year will be pitted against each other and voted on to determine which photograph will be the Premiere Project Photograph of the Year. Voting is now complete (check out the results here), and with over 20% of the votes, Uncommon View, the Premiere Project #59 winning photograph by tamara has emerged as the winner!

Premiere Projects are theme based, and with each project, Premiere Members have the opportunity to challenge themselves to grow as photographers. Each projects outlines a topic for the members to photograph. The photos are then submitted for discussion/critiquing/reactions. At the end of the project period (there’s a new project every couple of weeks), a vote is held to determine which photo best represents the theme while maintaining high photographic quality.

Originally the vote was only going to be among Premiere Members in the Premiere Members Only Section of PhotographyCorner, but the Premiere Members wanted to open voting up to the community at large in attempts to encourage non Premiere Members to support the Corner and become Premiere Members themselves. To that end, the HALF PRICE Premiere Membership sale will continue until Monday, January 18th, 2010. Learn about Premiere Membership here, and sign up to become a Premiere Member for HALF PRICE here.

The contest is being sponsored by DayMen Photo Marketing, and tamara will receive a prize pack courtesy of Daymen valued at over $100.

To participate in future Premiere Projects, sign up to become a Premiere Member here for HALF PRICE (Hurry - only a couple of days left to get in at HALF PRICE!!).

Make sure to drop by the award thread to congratulate tamara on her win.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Sat, 2010–01–16 20:34
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