Video Corner #140: How to Lock the Layers in Adobe Photoshop

For the past several months and for the next couple of months, our ‘Photoshop Monday’ Video Corner’s are taking an in-depth look at a variety of features of Adobe Photoshop Extended. The tutorials, put together by Total Training Online, cover a variety of features, from non-destructive editing, to using various tools like the lasso tool, to more complicated topics like using layers. The video today continues our look at layers by discussing the variety of ways to lock layers, and what each of the “locks” actually do.

While these short, weekly videos are packed full of great tips and tricks, if you want to get the most out of Adobe Photoshop Extended, you may want to check out the Total Training Online and DVD Software Training full packages (like photography classes, but you can do it all online on your own time). I’ve used Total Training myself, and I highly recommend them - check out their library of online classes today.

Total Training Online and DVD (Software Training)

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Mon, 2010–11–15 09:48
Categories: Video Corner