Vote for the Best 2010 Premiere Project Winning Photograph

For the second year in a row, while we transition from entry period to voting in the 2010 Photograph of the Year contest, a great primer for the big contest is looking back at the past year of winning photographs in our Premiere Projects. Premiere Projects, hosted in the Premiere Corner every couple of weeks, are group photography projects where Premiere Members challenge themselves to grow as photographers by participating in themed “assignments.” Each projects outlines a topic for the members to photograph. The photos are then submitted for discussion/critiquing/reactions. At the end of the project period, a vote is held to determine which photo best represents the theme while maintaining high photographic quality. If you follow along closely in the forums, you’ve probably seem some of the winner announcements in the Conversation Corner.

Now it’s time for the community to vote for their favorites. Originally the vote was only going to be amoung Premiere Members in the Premiere Corner, but the Premiere Members wanted to open voting up to the community at large in attempts to encourage non Premiere Members to support the Corner and become Premiere Members themselves. To that end, the HALF PRICE Premiere Membership sale will continue through to the end of the voting for this contest. Learn about Premiere Membership here, and sign up to become a Premiere Member for HALF PRICE here.

Voting Ends at approximately 5:00pm EST (10:00pm GMT) on Monday, January 10th, 2010. Current 2010 Photograph of the Year Sponsors, Think Tank Photo, are offering up a Think Tank Photo Airport Addicted® V2.0 camera back pack (Valued at $329) to the winner. Nice! Think Tank Photo is a group of designers and professional photographers focused on studying how photographers work, and developing inventive new carrying solutions to meet their needs. By focusing on “speed” and “accessibility,” they prepare photographers to Be Ready “Before The Moment,” allowing them to capture those historic moments that reflect their personal visions and artistic talents. For some companies, it is only about the product. For them, it is more: It is about supporting photographers doing their job. If Think Tank can design products that help photographers travel easier, take pictures faster, and organize their gear more efficiently, then they will have accomplished something beyond the bags themselves. As a special offer to members of PhotographerCorner, when you order $50 or more of Think Tank gear through this link, at checkout you will be able to select a product to receive for free!

To sum up, whether or not you’re a Premiere Member, we need your votes to decide who will earn Premiere Project Photograph of the Year honors for 2010. If you’re not yet a Premiere Member, help yourself become a better photographer by participating in the Premiere Projects, and become a Premiere Member (HALF PRICE SALE) today.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Tue, 2011–01–04 16:12
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