SmugMug Corner #90: Dennis Ginley & Deb Pezzotti

In another edition of our "SmugMug Corner" Photographer Interviews, we have the honor of chatting with our first husband and wife team to be featured here on the Corner Blog. Hailing from one of the most beautiful parts of North America (the west coast, of course), check out a dozen of their favorite interviews, and find out a little bit more about this husband and wife photography team (also known as "2D Photography").

Name: Dennis Ginley & Deb Pezzotti (a husband and wife team)

Tell us a little about yourselves.

Dennis is 59 years old, living in Hillsboro, Oregon, just outside Portland. I've been a software engineer at Intel about 15 years now.

Deb has been a program manager, also at Intel, for about 12 years.

Hiking in the Columbia River Gorge on a Foggy Day

What is your background/training in photography?

Both are mostly self taught; Dennis tends to hit the books and do a lot of reading about the technical aspects, while Deb is more of a hands-on learner who spends a lot of time critiquing her and others' work to try to improve.

Redvein Enkianthus From a Local Garden

A Winter Sunset on the Oregon Coast

How long has photography been a passion for you? When, where and how did it start?

Deb has been around camera most of her life, receiving her first camera from her grandfather. Dennis has been passionate about photography since getting his first digital, a Canon G3, in 2003.

Columbine with a Drop of Water (along a hiking trail in the Columbia River Gorge)

What equipment is in your camera bag? What piece of equipment will be added to the collection next?

DennisCanon 40D, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM, Canon 100-400mm f/4-f/5.6 L IS USM, Gitzo GT2540lvl carbon-fiber tripod with pistol-grip head, remote release, batteries and other assorted stuff.

DebCanon 40D, Canon EF 24-70mm L f/2.8 USM, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM, and not much more because of the weight.

They share a Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens for bugs and flowers.

Next on the list might be whatever replaces the 7D, or maybe a full-frame camera.

Oaktree in a Field on a Foggy Day in the Willamette Valley

What are your favorite places/subjects to photograph? Why?

Both love to share the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, from the beach to the desert, and especially including the hiking trails and waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood. They started out as hikers who carried cameras, and gradually made the mental transition to photographers who hike in order to get the nature and landscape photos that they love.

Becoming photography members of Portland's Japanese Gardens has given them several opportunities to shoot in a beautiful place in the company of other like-minded people.

Detail of Ramona Falls on Mt Hood (possibly the prettiest waterfall in Oregon)

Hiking on a trail that was blasted out of the basalt cliff. The stream is
about 60 feet below us. Eagle Creek trail in the Columbia River Gorge.

Who are your biggest photographic influences? Why? What about their work influences your work?

Deb has been influenced by the mastery of Ansel Adams and his black and white work. She also credits Dennis' technical guidance with much of her improvement.

Wildflowers in Bloom in May on Dog Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge

How long have you been Smug with your photographs? What features do you most enjoy with your SmugMug account?

They've been at SmugMug since August of 2008, so about 2 ½ years. Their favorite things are the ability to participate in the communities, and the ability to customize and control the look and feel of the site.

Lupine Blooming on Mt Hood

If you had do sum up in 50 words or less the impact SmugMug has made on your photography/photography business, those 50 words would be...

The support and feedback we've received from the other photographers at the SmugMug site has given us the confidence to be willing to show our photos to the public and even make some sales. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has left a comment or sent us an email about our work.

Opal Creek in the Cascades of Western Oregon

Middle North Falls, Silver Creek State Park

If you had to give one piece of advice to those wanting to pursue photography, what would you tell them?

Shoot! Take lots and lots of photos, then go home and look at them to figure out what went right, what went wrong, and how to improve. "Film is free," so don't be afraid to take another shot from a different perspective.

Ok, two pieces. Learn your camera. Take a class or read a book and figure out what all the buttons and dials do, so you can get out of automatic mode and take control. You don't need an expensive dSLR, but you do need to know how to use whatever you have.

Ship Rock, Cove Palisades State Park, Central Oregon

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