SmugMug Corner #104: Susan Wilde

The "SmugMug Corner" photographer interview this week is with accountant/photographer Susan Wilde - a huge SmugMug fan. Check out her interview below, accompanied by a dozen of her favorite photographs.

Name: Susan Wilde

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Susan Wilde, amateur photographer and I live just outside of Edmonton, Alberta on an acreage with my husband of 35 years. I travel during the week to Edmonton for my job in accounting. As far as my age, I have been celebrating the anniversary of the 39th birthday for quite some time now.


What is your background/training in photography?

My training in photography has been a few courses at a local school offering Adult Continuing Education. Here I've taken the basics like getting to know your camera, exposure and composition. I've taken one online course in food photography. The rest of my training has come from SmugMug.

Crabapple Blossoms

How long has photography been a passion for you? When, where and how did it start?

My first camera would have been some sort of point and shoot film camera purchased after I was married. During the years my children growing up I took family snapshots of special moments. My first dSLR was purchased used from a friend at work in February of 2009.

Broken Egg


What equipment is in your camera bag? What piece of equipment will be added to the collection next?

The camera I shoot with now is a Sony A55. Lenses include the kit lens 18-55, Carl Zeiss 24-70 (my favorite lens), Minolta 70-210 F4 (Beercan), Sony 70-400, Sigma 105 macro lens, and Lensbaby Composer with macro adapters. Accessories I have are the Sony F58 flash, macro rails, Manfrotto tripod with ballhead and Joby Gorillapod and BallheadX. As far as new equipment, someday I might like to get a wide angle or fisheye lens.

What are your favorite places/subjects to photograph? Why?

My favorite place to photograph is anyplace I'm at and my favorite subject is anything I see. Everywhere I go I see photo ops with interesting subjects, lines, shadows and colors.


Who are your biggest photographic influences? Why? What about their work influences your work?

My biggest photographic influences have been the other SmugMuggers in the Daily Community. The amazing calibers of photographers and photographs posted daily have kept me striving to do my best.

Yellow Daisies


How long have you been Smug with your photographs? What features do you most enjoy with your SmugMug account?

I joined SmugMug in September 2009. I love having my own gallery to post daily shots, travel and favorites as well as separate galleries for family and friends. It gives a professional appearance to an amateur's hobby. SmugMug is a wonderful way to have your own website, easily customizable without the need for knowing html or other technical things that one must know.

Fabyan Trestle

If you had do sum up in 50 words or less the impact SmugMug has made on your photography/photography business, those 50 words would be...

SmugMug has become part of my photography world. It is a place where I share and learn from others. It is a place where I have developed photography "relationships" with others who have shown me the world. My photography world would be very lonely without the SmugMug dailies and my SmugMug friends.

Jasper, Alberta

If you had to give one piece of advice to those wanting to pursue photography, what would you tell them?

The one piece of advice I would give to others is to read, learn from others, practice and read some more. Never quit learning.


Buchart Gardens

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