Sticky Albums Sponsors April Photograph of the Month

Sponsor: Sticky Albums - Creators of a branded custom mobile app for yourself showing off your portfolio, which you can share with potential customers.

Prizes: If the winner is a Premiere Member, they will receive a Sticky Albums Annual Professional Plan (Valued at $230) from Sticky Albums. Sticky Albums lets photographers book more clients and increase sales by giving them the ability to create custom mobile photo apps for each of their clients. Your clients will love having their face on their very own app, which you can use as a digital business card to get more referrals. They have been mentioned in leading publications such as Click, Digital Photography School, Professional Photographer, Rangefinder, and PPA Magazine and recently won a Hot One Award for our brand new Builder. Albums created by our photographer customers have been viewed more than 3 million unique times. If the winner is not a Premiere Member, they will receive… nothing, nadda, zip, zilch. Why not become a Premiere Member today?

Posted by JAshley on Sun, 2015–04–12 14:47