Spider Holster Sponsors May Photograph of the Month

Sponsor: Spider Holster - Spider Camera Holster designs and manufactures the most innovative camera carrying solutions. We develop free upper body and “carry & shoot from the hip” camera holster solutions for all photographers.

Prizes: If the winner is a Premiere Member, they will receive a Spider Holster Pro (Valued at $135) from Spider Holster. The SpiderPro Camera Holster is designed to take the weight of your pro gear away from your upper body and put it at your waist- the most ergonomic place to carry heavy gear. The Holster system lets your camera hang safely at your hip when you’re not shooting, and quick-draw to an active shooting position as soon as you’re ready to catch the shot. If the winner is not a Premiere Member, they will receive… nothing, nadda, zip, zilch. Why not become a Premiere Member today?

Posted by JAshley on Wed, 2015–05–27 22:26