Introduction to Shooting 50mm prime

Together with the 35mm lens a 50mm fixed focus lens is considered to be standard prime. The photography world is polarized between these two primes with each group having its distinct favorite. In this article we shall look at the 50mm prime lens and walk through some of its features and disadvantages.


A prime lens is essentially a lens with a single focal length. Unlike zoom lenses, there’s simply isn’t a way to turn a ring and zoom forward. What you get, however, as a compensation for its inability to zoom, is a blindingly fast aperture. All those high speed photography freaks can hope to use shutter speeds of 1/4000th of a second and higher when pairing their full-frame camera with this lens. Additionally, the 50mm is the closest when it comes to the angle of view that the human eye has. Thus the name ‘standard prime’.

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