Why Some Canon Lenses Are White Instead of Black

Have you ever wondered why some Canon lenses are white while most other lenses in the industry are black? To view this article, just follow the link or click the photo below: Canon Lenses

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7 advanced ways to get more from your Canon camera

Canon’s compact and interchangeable-lens cameras are packed with so many useful options that there’s a good chance you may overlook some of these, or potentially not even know how they benefit your picture taking. Here are seven ways to get the most out of your Canon camera. To see this tutorial, just follow the link or click the photo below: Canon Tips

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Canon G3 X Hands-on Review

This latest superzoom point-and-shoot has all the features that you would need in an all-in-one travel camera, with a massive 24-600mm equivalent focal range and 20-megapixel sensor. To see this review, just follow the link or click the photo below: Canon G3X

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These Are the Silly Photography Arguments You Want to Avoid

Photography is a peaceful and relaxing, but sometimes solitary, pursuit, yet when photographers meet, whether virtually or in that place they call the real world, there is a good chance that an argument will start. To read this article, just follow the link or click the photograph: Silly Arguments

Posted by JAshley on Sat, 2015–08–15 19:03
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Canon's Project Imagin8ion - When You Find Me

About a year ago, Canon announced a collaboration with one of Hollywood’s most influential directors, Ron Howard, to select the 8 winners of the “Project Imagin8ion” contest from 96,262 submissions (some of which were from members of the Corner, no doubt). The contest challenged photographers to submit images based on a series of 8 separate movie themes to ultimately inspire a short film by Ron Howard. The film was shot using Canon dSLR products (obviously), and was just recently screened at the Sundance Film Festival.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Tue, 2012–05–15 16:29
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Video Corner #9: Portrait Photography Tips

This “photography edition” (photography videos every Thursday, post-processing/photoshop videos every Monday - see this post for more details) of the “Video Corner” discusses how your lens choices impact your portraits. Short (wide) lenses can cause distortion and an unrealistic perspective, while longer (zoom) lenses have a narrower angle of view, which helps you avoid capturing too much of the background. In addition, longer lenses allow you to compose multiple shots from the same location.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2009–08–06 16:54
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Articles By Amy: The Ongoing dSLR Debate: Canon versus Nikon

The camera manufacturing companies of Nikon and Canon were the first to transition traditional single lens reflect cameras (SLRs) into the digital world. These were immediately popular with professional and amateur photographers alike, and would soon enter into an ongoing battle for most refined and enhanced in the industry.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Sun, 2008–08–10 15:13
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SmugMug Corner #18: John Mueller

Every Friday, like clockwork, we get to read an interview with a SmugMug photographer and check out a bunch of their favourite photographs in our weekly feature "SmugMug Corner." This week is no different. Check out the interview with and photos by John Mueller below.
Posted by Tim L. Walker on Fri, 2008–01–11 23:41
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Bibble Labs Releases Bibble Pro Version 4.9.9

Bibble Pro Version 4.9.9 adds Nikon D300, D3, Canon 1Ds Mark 3, G9, Olympus E-3, Sony A700, and adds tethering support for Intel Mac's with Nikon dSLR's. This has gotta be the last version before we get to see version 5 (we'll have to give them award plaques when they finally get it out). In the meantime, here's the press release for version 4.9.9.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2007–12–20 15:30
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Safety Notice: Canon PowerShot A530/A540 Overheats

If you own a Canon PowerShot A530 or A540, you’re going to want to read the following safety notice on Canon’s website. Basically, the spring latch on the battery enclosure can overheat, causing a short circuit in the camera. Canon will repair or replace all affected camera’s free-of-charge, regardless of whether it is under warranty or not.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2007–01–04 18:55
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Digital Camera Firmware Updates Galore!

Several camera manufacturers have released firmware updates over the past couple of days - most addressing better SDHC support. Both releases and links to the downloads for Canon & Pentax cameras are listed below.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Fri, 2006–12–22 16:00
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