Video Circa 1960 Wins CCC#61

The first Contest Corner Challenge since the completion of the 2008 Photograph of the Year contest, CCC#61: Lights, Camera, Action! is now complete. 17 photographs were entered, but only 1 remains: Video Circa 1960 by cup4tml. Congratulations, Doug - this is a fantastic photograph that really does depict the theme of “video.”

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Tue, 2009–04–07 15:24

Vote for the Best Video Photograph in CCC#61: Lights, Camera, Action!

The entries are in, and now it’s time to vote. In our first Contest Corner Challenge since 2008, photographers were challenged to “capture video in a photograph.” Seventeen photographers stepped up to the plate.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Mon, 2009–03–30 14:19
Tags: photographyvotingcontestcontest corner challengelightsvideocccccc61cameraaction

Contest Corner Challenge #61 (Finally) Announced

A couple of days ago we announced some of the changes to the Contest Corner Challenges for this year. Yesterday, we announced the first Contest Corner Challenge of 2009 with CCC#61: Lights, Camera, Action!

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Wed, 2009–03–11 00:43
Tags: contest corner challengelightsvideomarchccc2009ccc61cameraaction
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