The Most Intense Photograph from CCC#63 Is "Ball Intensity"

After a week of voting, Contest Corner Challenge #63: Intensity has come to a close. With 25 entries, the voting was pretty spread out, but Ball Intensity by PicturePony came out on top (by a mere 1 vote!) with one-sixth of the votes (almost 17%!).

For winning Contest Corner Challenge #63: Intensity, Sharon picks herself up an Urban Disguise 20 camera bag courtesy of our sponsor, Think Tank Photo (Use code WS-171 to receive a free bag with every order over $50 - and part of every order goes to support the Corner as well!!). You can browse through all 25 entries, as well as find who took each entry in the CCC#63: Intensity Photo Gallery. The voting results are now publicly available in the voting thread, and you can congratulate Sharon on her win by commenting in the award thread.

Congratulations on your first CCC win, Sharon!

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2009–06–11 15:29

Vote for the Most Intense Photograph in CCC#63

Since we changed up the Contest Corner Challenges for 2009, we’ve allowed an extra week or so for entries to come in for each contest. That change has resulted in more entries, but more importantly, higher-quality entries. Just take a look at the photographs entered for Contest Corner Challenge #63: Intensity. They are fantastic, which makes your job that much more difficult.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Wed, 2009–06–03 20:11

Contest Corner Challenge #63: Intensity Announced

Contest Corner Challenge #62 has become to a close, so it’s time to announce a new contest. Enter Contest Corner Challenge #63: Intensity. Emotions can be hard to capture in a photograph - it takes some extra creativity, or a lot of luck. This challenge is to capture intensity (definition: extreme degree of strength, force, energy, or feeling) in a photograph.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Wed, 2009–05–13 14:35
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