DSLR vs Mirrorless Cameras for Landscape Photography

DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras for Landscape Photography: Why Some Pros are Making the Switch. To read article, just follow the link or click the photo below: DSLR vs. Mirrorless

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Sony a6300 VS a7S ii Video Comparison

Sony A6300 vs. Sony A7Sii video test! To see this comparison, just follow the link or click the photo below: Sony Video Comparison

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How to Choose Your First DSLR Camera

In this post, you will learn how you can choose your first DSLR camera that will meet all the requirements that you may have with your current level of expertise. To read this tutorial, just follow the link or click the photograph: Buying your First DSLR

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These Are the Silly Photography Arguments You Want to Avoid

Photography is a peaceful and relaxing, but sometimes solitary, pursuit, yet when photographers meet, whether virtually or in that place they call the real world, there is a good chance that an argument will start. To read this article, just follow the link or click the photograph: Silly Arguments

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6 Essential Tips for DSLR Video

Make the most out of the the video capabilities of your camera. To read the entire tutorial just follow the link or click the photograph: DSLR Video

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5 tough-as-nails cameras ready for your vacation adventures (and mishaps)

Cameras that can take a beating! To see the best cameras for your active lifestyle just follow the link or click the photograph below!

Do your summer vacations revolve around an active lifestyle? Whether it’s snorkeling in the sea or wading in the kiddie pool, jaunting around cobbled-stone streets or tearing over hills on a dirt bike, you’ll want a camera to capture it all without breaking.

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Using Manual Mode

Using the manual mode

Digital SLR cameras, and for that matter Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens cameras both come with the manual shooting option. Look for something on the main mode dial that says ‘M’. Switch to this and you are now in the manual mode. The terms ‘manual option’, or the ‘manual mode’ are used interchangeably. They both mean the same thing, metering a scene manually to take a picture. Professionals will always use this mode, on the other hand, amateurs will be skeptical using it the first time. Most amateurs will probably never use this mode because they find it extremely difficult to adjust the exposure to correctly meter a scene. The reason is most don’t quite properly understand the concepts of exposure in the first place.

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Introduction to Shooting 50mm prime

Together with the 35mm lens a 50mm fixed focus lens is considered to be standard prime. The photography world is polarized between these two primes with each group having its distinct favorite. In this article we shall look at the 50mm prime lens and walk through some of its features and disadvantages.


A prime lens is essentially a lens with a single focal length. Unlike zoom lenses, there’s simply isn’t a way to turn a ring and zoom forward. What you get, however, as a compensation for its inability to zoom, is a blindingly fast aperture. All those high speed photography freaks can hope to use shutter speeds of 1/4000th of a second and higher when pairing their full-frame camera with this lens. Additionally, the 50mm is the closest when it comes to the angle of view that the human eye has. Thus the name ‘standard prime’.

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The Best Beginner dSLR?

The Best Beginner dSLR?It’s probably one of the most commen questions asked in the photography forums - “I’m just becoming interested in photography, and my point-and-shoot camera/camera phone/other camera just isn’t cutting it anymore… So what’s the best beginner dSLR?” It’s the gateway question into the wonderful world of photography. The answer the budding photographer receives could shape their photographic purchases for years, even decades, to come. For those of us that participate regularly in photography forums like the Corner, it’s a question we come across frequently, and one we (hopefully, at least) answer with some thought.

For many, it usually comes down to choosing the (usually) newest and cheapest dSLR that’s made by _____ or _____ (fill in whatever company names you want - but it’s almost always Nikon and Canon these days). Several times a year, the answer will change - the Canon Digital Rebel, the Nikon D50, the Canon 550D, the Nikon D40, the Nikon D5000, and the list goes on. I asked on Twitter and our Facebook Fan Page, and almost every response I received was different - literally dozens of different answers with no real clear winner.

What it really comes down to is personal preference. If you’re in the market for a good, beginner dSLR, there are several to choose from, but before you make up your mind, head down to your local camera shop and hold them in your hand. Some cameras simply “feel right” in your hands, and that may be enough of a tie-breaker to pick one. Sure ‘camera X’ has slightly different features than ‘camera Y’, and ‘camera Z’ has more megapixels than ‘camera X’, but a smaller LCD screen - they all are a little different. But when it comes down to it, a good learner camera for me could be different from a good learner camera for you - we may have different photographic tastes and expectations, different sized hands, different subjects, different feature requirements. So the answer to the question “What is the best beginner dSLR?” is “whatever one seems to fit your photographic needs.”

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Video Corner #79: dSLR Know-How with Tamron - Episode 9

Today’s ‘Photography Thursday’ Video Corner by Tamron demontrates the differences between full frame and crop frame sensors, as well as the different lenses for each. The video will specifically look at the Tamron Di lenses and the Tamron Di-II lenses.

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Video Corner #19: How to Clean the Sensor of a Digital SLR

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for a Photography Thursday Video Corner. The past several Photography Thursday videos have focused on lighting, but this week we take a closer look at your camera - specifically at cleaning your digital camera. Cleaning the sensor of your dSLR can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be as long as you’re careful and follow these instructions.

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Articles By Amy: The Ongoing dSLR Debate: Canon versus Nikon

The camera manufacturing companies of Nikon and Canon were the first to transition traditional single lens reflect cameras (SLRs) into the digital world. These were immediately popular with professional and amateur photographers alike, and would soon enter into an ongoing battle for most refined and enhanced in the industry.

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Corner Compilation #2

Here’s another round of interesting/essential photography-related news.

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Digital Camera Firmware Updates Galore!

Several camera manufacturers have released firmware updates over the past couple of days - most addressing better SDHC support. Both releases and links to the downloads for Canon & Pentax cameras are listed below.

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