How to Use a Circular Polarizing Filter Like a Champ

You’ll often hear that a circular polarizing filter, or CPL, is a must have addition to your gear bag, but once you’ve got it how do you use it for the best possible results? To watch this tutorial, just follow the link or click the photo below: Circular Polarizing Filter

Posted by JAshley on Tue, 2016–06–14 15:08
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Real Photo Advice: UV Filters

UV filters as protection on a lens. This subject has been a huge constant battle among photographers for as long as I can remember. The topics range from quality of glass, protection, vingnetting, and more. Right off the top, I DO NOT use a UV filter on the front of any of my lenses. I will do my best to give information in this article on both sides of the issue so you can make your own informed decision instead of going with the cool crowd. UV or Skylight filters (I’ll just say UV from this point forward) are traditionally put in on the front of your lens to protect it from being scratched. While this is a good theory it has quite a few drawbacks.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Tue, 2011–01–18 17:02
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Video Corner #127: Polarizer Filters

Today, as we continue with episode 4 of season 2 of the “dSLR Know-How with Tamron” series in our ‘Photography Thursday’ edition of Video Corner, we look at polarizer filters - how they work, and what we use them for.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2010–09–30 15:29
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Articles By Amy: The Truth About Neutral Density Filters

This week one of my loyal customers asked me a brilliant question about Neutral Density filters. It was so good I just had to answer it via this article. You’ll most likely appreciate this digital photography tip as much as he will.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Mon, 2007–05–28 00:04
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