Urban Photography: Picture Perfect iPhone Photography

Jack Hollingsworth shares some of his iPhone Photography knowledge and explains how to take the best Urban Photography using your iPhone. To view this tutorial, just follow the link or click the photo below: Urban Photography

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Everyday Photography : Picture Perfect iPhone Photography

A few great iPhone photography tips from Jack Hollingsworth. To see this tutorial, just follow the link or click the photo below: iPhone Photography

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Portraits : Picture Perfect iPhone Photography with Jack Hollingsworth

Portraits: Picture Perfect iPhone Photography. To read this tutorial, just follow the link or click the photo below: iPhone Portraits

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More Prizes for the 2011 Corner Fund Raiser

Last week we announced the 2011 Corner Fund Raiser with a goal to raise $3,500 towards a new server for the site, as well as for the development of a mobile app (iPhone & Android) for the Corner forums. So far we’ve had 18 people step up and raise $600 (a little over 17% of the way there). Check out the list of people that have donated so far here. That’s a great start, but we still have quite a ways to go ($2,900). Have you donated yet? What’s holding you back?

As an added incentive, we’ve added some new prizes to the mix from some of our generous sponsors. What? Prizes you say? Check out the details:
The Prizes
Once the goal of $3,500 (well, $3,603, but I’ve got us started with the first $103) has been reached, we’ll put all the entries into a randomizer and draw for the prizes:

That’s over $1,000 in prizes up for grabs!!! If you’re an active member of the site, we’d really appreciate it if you donated a little bit towards this fund raiser. There are over 25 prizes up for grabs… so it’s not only a fund raiser, it’s a raffle! Get your donation in and let’s get a new server, a mobile app, and give away some prizes!!

CLICK HERE to make a donation TODAY!!!

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2011–05–19 16:34

It's Your Turn to Help with the 2011 Corner Fund Raiser

We’ve talked about it in the forums already, and now it’s time to take some action. Our server is getting old (over 65 in computer years!) and we need a new one - badly. In addition, as mobile computing because more and more popular, we’d like to be able to create an iPhone/Android app that you can download (for free) to browse the Corner a little easier. Unfortunutely, the cost of both upgrading the server and producing and releasing an app is fairly expensive. Advertising does cover most of the day-to-day operating costs of the Corner, but these upgrades/addtions are going to cost above and beyond what the Corner makes in standard advertising. Luckily, as an active member of the Corner, you can help.

We have a goal to raise $3,500 (US dollars), which will pay for all the server upgrades, as well as the increased monthly costs of the new server for the next year+. In addition, your donations will allow for the production and release of a PhotographyCorner iPhone/Android app (which will be available for FREE).

You can read through all the details of the fund raiser here on the 2011 Corner Fund Raiser page: where the money will be spent, who’s donated so far, and what you can win if you donate. Wait, what? There are prizes, too? Of course!

Thanks to some of our favorite sponsors (Tamron, Lowepro and Acme Made so far…), we have some prizes to give away to those that donate to the cause! If you donate $25, you get 1 entry, $50 gets you 3 entries, $100 gets you 8 entries, $250 gets you 25 entries, and $500 gets you 100 entries! Once we’ve raised the $3,500, I’ll throw all the entries into an randomizer, and send out some prizes (we’ve got over a dozen prizes so far - check out the fund raising page for details!). In addition, everyone that donates something gets their name listed down at the bottom of the fund raising page, and the eternal thanks and gratitude from the rest of the community.

You can make donations via PayPal by credit card, PayPal and even check. Decide how much you can help out, and click the “Pay Now” button at the bottom of the fund raising page.

Can we hit our goal of $3,500 by the end of May? Make your donation today!

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Tue, 2011–05–10 16:29
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