Corner Member Close Up: Jim Garrison

It's Friday, which means it's time for a "Corner Member Close Up" photographer interview. And honestly, I had this one set up well in advance, but it just happened to work out that our interviewee is also the winner of the 2011 Premiere Project Photograph of the Year contest - jim3584! We've got more than 2 dozen fantastic photographs below, as well as some great stories and advice. It's my pleasure to introduce you to Jim Garrison from Morrison, Colorado!

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Fri, 2012–02–17 21:51

"The Walk About" is the 2011 Premiere Project Photograph of the Year

After a week of voting (check out the voting results here), the community has decided that “The Walk About” by jim3584, the winning photograph of Premiere Project #109: Reflections, is the best Premiere Project photograph from 2011! Congratulations, Jim, for winning the third annual Premiere Project Photograph of the Year contest!!!

Premiere Projects, hosted in the Premiere Corner every couple of weeks, are group photography projects where Premiere Members challenge themselves to grow as photographers by participating in themed “assignments.” Each project outlines a topic for the members to photograph. The photos are then submitted for discussion/critiquing/reactions. At the end of the project period, a vote is held to determine which photo best represents the theme while maintaining high photographic quality.

If you haven’t already, join the over 400 Premiere Members for HALF PRICE! The half price sale ends on Friday, February 10th, 2012. As a Premiere Member you can win bigger prices in contests, participate in Premiere Projects, have access to private forums, special rank icons and custom ranks. Check out all the benefits here, and sign up to become a Premiere Membership here.

The contest was sponsored by Think Tank Photo - a group of designers and professional photographers focused on studying how photographers work, and developing inventive new carrying solutions to meet their needs. By focusing on “speed” and “accessibility,” they prepare photographers to Be Ready “Before The Moment,” allowing them to capture those historic moments that reflect their personal visions and artistic talents. For some companies, it is only about the product. For them, it is more: It is about supporting photographers doing their job. If Think Tank can design products that help photographers travel easier, take pictures faster, and organize their gear more efficiently, then they will have accomplished something beyond the bags themselves. As a special offer to members of PhotographyCorner, when you order $50 or more of Think Tank gear through this link, at checkout you will be able to select a product to receive for free! For winning the PPPotY, Jim will receive a Think Tank Photo Retrospective® 5 camera bag (Valued at $137.50)!

If you haven’t already, be sure to drop by the award thread in the Photograph of the Year forum to congratulate Jim on his win!

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Fri, 2012–02–10 03:03
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Buried Treasure Wins CCC#90: Show Me the Money!

Contest Corner Challenge #90: Show Me the Money! Winning PhotographAlthough it’s been a few years, jim3584 picked up his third Contest Corner Challenge win last week with his entry “Bured Treasure” to CCC#90: Show Me the Money! with over 15% of the votes. Browse through the 22 entries here in the CCC#90: Show Me the Money! Photo Gallery and check out the final voting results in the voting thread.

The contest was again sponsored by our friends at DayMen Photo Marketing (an innovative manufacturer and distributor of high quality imaging products and accessories) and Lowepro (inventors and designers of popular camera bags, photographers and lovers of the natural world who take our reputation as The Trusted Original™ to heart). Since Jim is a Premiere Member, he will receive a Lowepro Terraclime 100 camera bag.

If you haven’t already, make sure to drop by the award thread to congratulate Jim on his win and to check out a full-sized version of his winning entry. The next Contest Corner Challenge should be announced later today.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Mon, 2011–09–12 13:04

"Pixie Laughter" Wins Contest Corner Challenge #66

Contest Corner Challenge #66: Laughter, The Best MedicineIt’s been over a year since jim3584 won his last Contest Corner Challenge (CCC#51), but in a contest with only 10 entries, Jim took 1/3rd of the votes with his photograph “Pixie Laughter.” You can check out the other photographs in the CCC#66: Laughter, The Best Medicine Photo Gallery (you can see who took which photograph in the gallery as well), and you can see the voting results in the voting thread.

The contest was sponsored by Viewbook - a new online service that allows you to present, deliver and promote your photographs with uncompromising flexibility and quality. On your own web address you can create beautiful image galleries and portfolio sites in a few clicks. Viewbook is an online image archive and allows you to create promotional widgets and deliver your hi-res images to clients as well. Starting at $4 a month Viewbook is a quality service that doesn’t cost the earth. PhotographyCorner members can use coupon code PC60DAYS for a trial and use Viewbook 60 days for free.

Since Jim was not a Premiere Member, he will receive a Lifetime, Level I Premiere Membership. Make sure to drop by the award thread in the forums to congratulate Jim on his victory!

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Tue, 2009–09–08 22:26

James Garrison Wins CCC#51: Who Has Seen the Wind?

Contest Corner Challenges truck along on a pretty regular 3-weeks schedule. Three weeks ago we announced Contest Corner Challenge #51: Who Has Seen the Wind?, then a little less than a week ago, voting started for CCC#51. Now that voting is complete, it’s time to announce the winner of Contest Corner Challenge #51. And with over 16% of the votes, jim3584 has been crowned the winner with his photograph titled “Baby the Wind Must Blow.”

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Mon, 2008–06–16 22:34
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