July 2015

"Fire in the Sky" Voted 2015 Photograph of the Month

Congratulations Jim (JAHarris1001) on your win this month! And a very special thanks to Rebooku for their sponsorship this month! To check out the final vote thread, just follow the link or click the photograph: July 2015 Photograph of the Month Winner

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Vote for July 2015 Photograph of the Month

To vote for your favorite photograph just follow the link or click the photograph below: July 2105 Photograph of the Month

Voting Ends: approximately 12:30am PST on Friday, August 17th, 2015 (4:30am GMT).

Sponsor:Rebooku is a post production company designed to save you time and money. Who specialize in book design, retouching, color correction and image extraction services.

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What You Should Be Spending Your Money On If You're a Photographer

Gear, of course! Camera bodies and lenses galore! Nothing makes you a better photographer than dumping thousands of dollars on the latest technology! Right? No? Ok, I digress, I guess blowing all your hard earned (or borrowed) cash on the latest and seemingly greatest in camera equipment is probably about the least effective thing you can do to improve the quality of your work. So what SHOULD you be spending your money on then?


Variety is the spice of life. Nothing can lead to a more onerous creative rut than feeling like you have nothing interesting to shoot. By traveling out of your normal environment your shatter those suffocating walls of sameness. If you find your work is starting to feel a bit stale invest some money it traveling to new and exciting subjects.

Posted by JAshley on Fri, 2015–07–31 10:39
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Photo composition tips: how to search out new views of familiar scenes

These days, much of what you might want to take pictures of has probably been photographed countless times before. To avoid shooting the same photo as everyone else out there, you need to try to find a fresh perspective.

As photographers, most of us see the ‘obvious’ way to shoot a subject instantly, but there is always another way to shoot anything. We don’t mean simply taking a step to the left or right and looking again, though that would technically give you a different view; here we are aiming to find something completely new.

With some subjects you can get a variety of angles, but you can also try moving closer to achieve greater detail and reveal something new. You can even shoot the same angle, but add a creative twist.

Posted by JAshley on Thu, 2015–07–30 13:27
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How I Became a Location Independent Travel Photographer

Naomi and I just celebrated our 40th month of being on the road full-time and living a 100% location independent lifestyle. Looking back, it seems like a lifetime ago when we made that crazy decision to sell nearly everything we owned and adopt a life filled with travel photography. In a way, it really was a lifetime ago because we were completely different people back then living very different lives; two people with a dream of what could be, teeming with optimism, but with no real idea of how it would all work out in the end.

Posted by JAshley on Wed, 2015–07–29 12:35
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The Corner's Best of the Net - Animal Photographers

Today we are featuring: Animals Who Wish They Could Be Photographers to see the rest of this funny series just follow the link or click the photograph below!

If you have not seen our new series “The Corner’s Best of the Net”…here is your chance! A few times a week we post a series of photographs from around the internet to provide you inspiration, a well needed laugh or perhaps encouragement for you to re-ignite your spark for photography.

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Best Camera Settings for Studio Flash

Using flash as your only light source means that the colour and lighting effects are much more controllable and consistent than they are when using a natural light source such as sunlight. This means that you can confidently pre-set many of the settings on your camera.

Things you can pre-set

When you’re using studio flash as your only light source you have to use manual mode, as none of the automatic exposure modes will work with studio flash. Once you’ve selected manual mode you can also set the shutter speed to the fastest flash sync speed available on your camera.

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The Debate Over Watermarks in Photography

Controlling your image is a valid quest for any photographer, as we all want to protect our brand. Seeing one’s work altered without permission can be frustrating, as can discovering your work on blogs that are void of any credit. The first response for most photographers is to watermark their images, ensuring that their logo or website graces every image that hits the internet. In today’s landscape, is watermarking your photographs the best way to protect them? Let’s review both sides of this debate, and explore the current state of the watermark in photography.

Posted by JAshley on Sun, 2015–07–26 16:28
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Tripod Buying Guide: Get the Best Bang for Your Buck !

A good tripod is worth its weight in gold — and if you’ve researched tripod prices recently, you might just think that’s what they’re made of. A quality camera support system, consisting of a tripod and a ball head, can easily cost as much as a very good lens.

But to take sharp nature and landscape photos, your camera needs to be properly supported on a tripod. My personal opinion is that the tripod is more important than the camera itself.

Many people (myself included) are scared off by the high cost of a top-quality tripod at first. Yet many of these same people often end up spending more in the long run by purchasing one, two or more inexpensive, flimsy tripods instead of getting a high-quality tripod in the first place.

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The Corner's Best of the Net - Lavender Fields

If you have not seen our new series…here is your chance! A few times a week we post a series of photographs from around the internet to provide you inspiration or perhaps encourage you to re-ignite your spark for photography and help you discover new techniques to expand your skills. Please enjoy the series and be sure to check out future postings of “The Corner’s Best of the Net.”

Today we are featuring: Lavender Fields to see the rest of this beautiful series just follow the link or click the photograph below!

Posted by JAshley on Fri, 2015–07–24 13:22
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KiwiBoy09 Wins Contest Corner Challenge #116

Contest Corner Challenge #116 - The Great Outdoors here are the finally tallies - check out the voting results! Sumeet (Kiwiboy09) won by a large margin!

The contest was sponsored by Stealth Gear If you are looking for professional outdoor photography clothing, photography hides or wildlife watching supplies that can match your experiences as a photographer or outdoor enthusiast then look no further. At Stealth Gear, our products are carefully designed by photographers for photographers, ensuring that our designs are not only purpose specific, but they are hardwearing and affordable.. Since Sumeet is a Premiere Member, he will have receive the Stealth Gear Extreme Jacket and Trousers!

Make sure to drop by the award thread to check out a larger version of Sumeet’s winning photograph, and to congratulate his on his victory!

Posted by JAshley on Sun, 2015–07–05 13:16
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