The Corner's Best of the Net - Ancient Chinese Landscapes Meets Digital World

Ancient Chinese Landscape Paintings Meets Modern Digital Photography. To see this series, just follow the link or click the photo below: Chinese Landscapes

Posted by JAshley on Thu, 2015–10–08 20:52
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Video Corner #61: How to Photograph Landscapes

Almost all photographers enjoy landscape photography, but often struggle to get their photographs to look fantastic. Today’s ‘Photography Thursday’ Video Corner offers up some great tips that should help you improve your landscape photographs.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2010–02–11 15:49
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Articles By Amy: How Tripods Help You Get Better Landscape Photos

In landscape photography you will find that the majority of your photographs are probably taken with a tripod. But each type of photography uses different tools. Photographers that do sports photography like to use a hand-held strategy so they can get the shot quickly. The last thing they want is to be fiddling with a tripod when they could be shooting the football player who has just won the goal for their team. Instead, they‘ll choose a monopod which has greater flexibility and gives them greater access to the series of shots they want.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Fri, 2009–04–17 14:38
Categories: Articles By Amy
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