MannyC Wins First Photograph of the Month Contest!

June 2015 Photograph of the Month here are the finally tallies - check out the voting results! Manny (MannyC) wins his first POTM Contest!

The contest was sponsored by LaserSoft is renowned worldwide as a pioneer in the field of scanner and digital imaging software - both in the area of private and professional usage. The core product SilverFast® manages to regularly come up with advanced technical innovations. Since Manny is a Premiere Member, he will have receive the SilverFast Archive Suite is a comprehensive archiving solution for digitizing your images fast and easy. In terms of quality, SilverFast surpasses the results of any manufacturer’s software significantly. The Archive Suite is a package consisting of scanner software and imaging software for a subsequent image optimization.

Make sure to drop by the award thread to check out a larger version of Manny’s winning photograph, and to congratulate him on his first Photograph of the Month victory!

Posted by JAshley on Thu, 2015–07–30 15:40
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