The 2012 Photograph of the Year Contest

If you missed it, I’m not quire sure how… but for those that don’t hang out on the site and just read the blog, here’s an announcement for you: The 2012 Photograph of the Year contest is here!

We have seventeen (17!) sponsors this year, who are collectively offering up over $12,500 in prizes to the top 10 finalists of the contest, including a grand prize valued at over $5,700!! Check out a full list of the prizes available to be won here: 2012 Photograph of the Year Prizes.

There are links to each of the sponsors, along with write-ups for each company listed on the 2012 Photograph of the Year Sponsors page. Make sure to drop by and visit each of the sponsors’ sites. Their contribution to the contest and the site is invaluable. Make a point of checking them out and purchasing their products as a way of saying “thank you” for supporting the Corner. The lead sponsor of the contest is LaserSoft Imaging, and the rest of the contest sponsors are as follows:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, &

Here are all the links to the important contest pages:

You have until January 4th to get your entries in, and voting will start the following week. Make sure to read all the Rules for the contest before submitting an entry. It’s going to be a great contest this year!!

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More Prizes for the 2011 Corner Fund Raiser

Last week we announced the 2011 Corner Fund Raiser with a goal to raise $3,500 towards a new server for the site, as well as for the development of a mobile app (iPhone & Android) for the Corner forums. So far we’ve had 18 people step up and raise $600 (a little over 17% of the way there). Check out the list of people that have donated so far here. That’s a great start, but we still have quite a ways to go ($2,900). Have you donated yet? What’s holding you back?

As an added incentive, we’ve added some new prizes to the mix from some of our generous sponsors. What? Prizes you say? Check out the details:
The Prizes
Once the goal of $3,500 (well, $3,603, but I’ve got us started with the first $103) has been reached, we’ll put all the entries into a randomizer and draw for the prizes:

That’s over $1,000 in prizes up for grabs!!! If you’re an active member of the site, we’d really appreciate it if you donated a little bit towards this fund raiser. There are over 25 prizes up for grabs… so it’s not only a fund raiser, it’s a raffle! Get your donation in and let’s get a new server, a mobile app, and give away some prizes!!

CLICK HERE to make a donation TODAY!!!

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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2009 Photograph of the Year Contest

2009 Photograph of the Year - Autumn Resurrection by fa1salAfter 2 months of 2009 Photograph of the Year contest craziness, last week it finally came to an exciting close. Hundreds of entries, thousands of votes, and now we have 9 Runner-Ups and 1 Winner: fa1sal with his photograph “Autumn Resurrection” (pictured right). For winning the 2009 Photograph of the Year contest, Faisal picks up $3,250 of the $10,000 in prizes that will be dispersed to the winners. Almost all of the prizes were supplied by 9 fantastic sponsors: PhotoBook Press, Cotton Carrier, Mpix, Imagevuex, AKVIS, ThinkTankPhoto,, SmugMug and Daymen. You can check out the sponsors here, and browse through the list of prizes here. If you haven’t seen the winner photographs already, you can check them out here on the Photograph of the Year page.

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2008 Server Fundraiser - Random Prize Draw

So, the 2008 Server Fundraiser is now over and everyone that has donated $25 or more has at least 1 of the pens in the mail, as well as a Contributor Award. Now, it’s time to draw for some of the other prizes, including a Lowepro Stealth Reporter D550 AW camera bag. In addition to the camera bag, we’re also going to give away $100 in gift certificates to the Corner Store. So, let’s get started…

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Fri, 2008–05–02 01:20
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As If You Didn't Know Already...

Canadian StampOk. I’ll admit it. The last of the prizes for the 2007 Photograph of the Year contest just went out last week. It’s not because I’m lazy or cheap or anything, though. I wanted to wait to make sure all the other prizes had gone out before I send the stuff that I had out. I learned my lesson from last year. I sent a bunch of stuff out right after the contest, only to have a couple of advertisers send me more stuff to send out. And when the contests are 100% international (which brings me to the point of this post), it can get pretty expensive. Sending a 12”×12”×12” (that’s 30cm x 30cm x 30cm) package to somewhere in Canada or the US from here (I’m in Barrie, Ontario, Canada) costs $20ish bucks. Sending one to Ireland or Australia or Portugal or something, though, can put me back as high as $120 for the same package. Yikes! No wonder a lot of the sponsors don’t want to ship overseas (and no wonder so many other photography contests, or contests in general, limit their contests to the US or the US and Canada).

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2008–03–13 14:54

2007 Photograph of the Year - Winners Announced Shortly!

For those of you that are just hanging around, waiting in anticipation of the 2007 Photograph of the Year winners to be announced, you’ve only got a couple more hours to wait. Voting finished a couple of hours ago, but you can check out all the entries in the 2007 Photograph of the Year Photo Galleries and comment on all the entries while you wait. And if you’ve already done that, check out the great sponsors of the contest!! Without them, this contest (and all the SWEET PRIZES) would never have happened!

We’ll start by announcing the 9th Runner-Up (10th Place), and work our way up to the winner… Only a couple of hours left….

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2008–01–31 20:05

Update: 1-800-flowers Contest

Remember that 1-800-flowers contest that I announced last week? There were some questions, and I’ve got a couple of updates for you (if you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, check out the original post).

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Mon, 2007–08–27 11:47
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