Tripod Buying Guide: Get the Best Bang for Your Buck !

A good tripod is worth its weight in gold — and if you’ve researched tripod prices recently, you might just think that’s what they’re made of. A quality camera support system, consisting of a tripod and a ball head, can easily cost as much as a very good lens.

But to take sharp nature and landscape photos, your camera needs to be properly supported on a tripod. My personal opinion is that the tripod is more important than the camera itself.

Many people (myself included) are scared off by the high cost of a top-quality tripod at first. Yet many of these same people often end up spending more in the long run by purchasing one, two or more inexpensive, flimsy tripods instead of getting a high-quality tripod in the first place.

Posted by JAshley on Sat, 2015–07–25 14:03
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Three New Product Reviews Added to the Corner Resource Center

If you haven’t been paying close attention to the Corner Forums or the Corner Resource Center, you may have missed the three new product reviews that have been uploaded to the Corner Resource Center in the past week. If you want to write a product review and have it added to the Corner Resource Center, check out this thread that outlines how to write it and put it all together.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Wed, 2009–06–24 13:44

Two New Manfrotto Tripod Reviews

I’m trying to do a bit of catching up on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and thus have a couple of quick reviews for you by our own Erik Bernskiold. Check out Erik’s review of the Manfrotto 486RC2 tripod and the Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod. Thanks Erik!

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Sat, 2008–03–22 16:06
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