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agiledogs September 3rd, 2017 05:22 PM

With 3 Layers: Transforming images
I have found that 3 simple layers in Photoshop one can really take everything they have done to the next level.

Layer 1 Selective Color:
Instead of using HSB for Saturation, I have found that by using a selective color layer I can set each color to either 100 or -100 as some colors are additive and others are subtractive. I save this as preset called saturate and voila instant color that eliminates color banding in areas like blue skies. If the color is too much you can always adjust it down without affecting your preset.

Layer 2 Curves:
This in combination with luminosity masks can be a powerful tool in really making areas in images pop with contrast. Personally I do not use luminosity masks, but know plenty of great photographers who do. Curves provides a much more manageable means of managing exposure of shadows and highlights over other tools like Levels. The grid in the curve corresponds with black, dark light and highlight areas. Usually tweaks in this layer are minimal and subtle.

Layer 3 Dodge and Burn:
Create a new layer that is an overlay. Select the 50% gray option. This allows you to both dodge and burn depending your selection of black or white. Adjust your brush opacity to 10-15% and keep your flow at 100%. Paint away to lighten or darken as needed.

OrvSal September 4th, 2017 12:03 AM

Re: With 4 Layers: Transforming images
Thanks Clark, some good points!

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