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Tim L. Walker September 30th, 2011 11:24 PM

Volume 8, Issue 9 - September 2011 Newsletter
Volume 8, Issue 9

1) Keeping Up to Speed
2) Sponsor: Sell Your Photos Online with SmugMug
3) Corner Contest Updates
4) New Corner Resources
5) From the Corner Blogosphere
6) Around the Forums in 30 Days
7) Join the Mod Squad

1) Keeping Up to Speed

If you've been to the Corner over the past couple of days, you've no doubt noticed that everything seems to be moving extremely slowly (like this newsletter - sorry it's late!). Don't worry - it's not just you or your computer. It's not even our new server. To be honest, we're having trouble tracking down what's causing the slow-down. Probably something software/database related (either way, a little beyond my expertise - I'm stumped!). I'll keep you updated in this thread ( ) in the meantime. Everything still seems to be working, it just takes 15 or so seconds for each page to load. It's frustrating for everyone, I know. But know we're working on it - and we will get it fixed.

If you find the forums too frustratingly slow to use, why not head over to our Contest Corner Galleries that are hosted with SmugMug ( ). You can browse through all the past entries for Contest Corner Challenges, Photograph of the Month contests, and all the Photograph of the Year contests - you can even leave comments on the photos (and every page loads quickly - yay!). Think of it like an online gallery of fantastic photographs; browse through them, leave comments - hey, it even looks just like the Corner so you'll feel right at home. ;) I'll keep you posted via Facebook ( ), Twitter ( ), and this thread ( ) - we'll have everything back to normal as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and understanding. :)

2) Sponsor: Sell Your Photos Online with SmugMug

What is SmugMug? SmugMug is your one-stop online photo sharing, commerce, print and backup solution. Proof, sell and streamline your print-fulfillment all in one place.

Who is it for? If you're looking to grow your business with a simple, scalable, all-in-one photo and video service, you'll love it at SmugMug.

Why SmugMug? For only $150/year you get an outstanding customizable website, gorgeous galleries, complete pricing control, robust security options and seamless integration with top quality print labs.

Try SmugMug Free for 14-days. No credit card required:

3) Contest Corner Updates

We hold numerous contests throughout the year, and this section will give you a brief run down as to what's going on 'contest-wise' around the Corner.

Faerie-Land Forest is the September 2011 PotM
It was a close vote, but squirl033 won his 2nd PotM from an amazing group of photos.

Buried Treasure Wins CCC#90: Show Me the Money!
With over 15% of the votes, jim3584 wins himself a Lowepro Terraclime 100 camera bag.

Cast Your Vote for the October Photograph of the Month
Ok, voting is actually over and the winner will be announced shortly - but still a great group of photos!

Contest Corner Challenge #91: The Color and the Shape
The entry period just came to a close, and voting will begin shortly.

4) New Corner Resources

We usually try to add several new articles/tutorials/product reviews to the Corner Resource Center every month and this section lists the new resources we've recently added. Want to submit your own article, tutorial or product review - we'd love that! Get more info here:

Redipix Gallery Wrap Elite
A review of the Gallery Wrap Elite by Redipix.

Goosie Cards Personalized Flashcards
A review of Goosie Cards - personalized flashcards made from your photographs.

Venus Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles
A review of the personalized jigsaw puzzles by

5) From the Corner Blogosphere

Here are some posts you may have missed if you're not subscribed to the Corner Blog (hint: you can subscribe via RSS or email by clicking here: ).

Corner Member Close Up: Neil Shapiro
Two-dozen photographs, two-time PotY finalist, six-time CCC winner - you gotta see these photos.

SmugMug Corner #103: Frank Pajonk
Meet scientist/professor Frank Pajonk from LA.

Five New Resources Added to the Corner Resource Center
In case you missed them above, here's a link to the latest 5 resources added to the Corner.

Corner Member Close Up: Ben Jacobi
Get to know a long-time Corner member a little better and see 20 of his favorite photographs.

SmugMug Corner #104: Susan Wilde
A dozen photographs and a fun interview with accountant/photographer Susan Wilde.

September 2011 Bling
Congrats to tealsky for picking up a Silver Commitment Award this month.

6) Around the Forums in 30 Days

Normally we'll point out some cool forums and threads in this section... but since the forums are chugging along so slowly right now, why don't you just head over to the Contest Corner Galleries and browse around there for a while instead: ;)

7) Join the Mod Squad

While PhotographyCorner is more or less run by one guy, there's actually a team of volunteers who really make this place tick. They're known around these parts as the Mod Squad. They answer questions, move threads, vanquish spammers and provide input on every major decision made around the Corner. Every year or so, though, we like to mix things up. Some people get too busy and need to relax their moderator duties, whereas other members step up and take on more.

Are you interested in helping out around the Corner as a moderator? We're looking to add 5-10 new moderators around the Corner, so if you're interested in becoming part of the Mod Squad, send an email to and let me know. You don't have to be a pro photographer - just commited to visiting the site regularly, answering questions and helping out. Are you interested? We'd love to have you on board!

See you around the Corner,
Tim L. Walker

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