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Tim L. Walker October 31st, 2011 12:28 AM

Volume 8, Issue 10 - October 2011 Newsletter
Volume 8, Issue 10

1) Recovery
2) Sponsor: Are you PROUD of your photos?
3) Corner Contest Updates
4) From the Corner Blogosphere
5) Around the Forums in 30 Days
6) Any Day Now

1) Recovery

As many of you well know, last month we had a number of hiccups around the Corner. After some long hours (and with a little help from the folks at RealWebHost), we got the Corner running even faster than before. Wha'd'ya think? When things are working properly, it's SO much easier to get involved.

The same happens with us and our equipment. Even something as minor as a wonky strap on our camera bag, it can sometimes seem easier to just leave the bag in the closet rather than "having to put up with that #&$@* strap" - you know what I'm talking about. It may be a squeaky lens or cracked lens cap, or a small scratch in your favorite filter, an unchrage battery, or a memory card that needs to be reformatted - we've all been there. Sometimes we're just looking for an excuse to NOT get out there and take photographs; sometimes we just need a break from it.

But when that "sometimes" is over and we "get back into it" again, those are the times I find we do our best work - when we've recovered our love for photography. Are you in a photographic rut? Force yourself to pick up that camera and give it a go over the next couple of days. If you can rekindle that love again, you'll soon remember why you love photography so much (then share some of those shots with us!).

2) Sponsor: Are you PROUD of your photos?

Consider one of the most comprehensive online photography courses for the keen or amateur photographers from Proud Photography. The information-rich course helps its students learn to take fantastic photographs. As well as 13 detailed lessons, the course offers plenty of tips from professional photographers, who are also the people giving feedback and assess students' work. You will get one-on-one support and never be left to struggle alone. You'll also get 500MB of free online gallery space to share your images, avoiding the need to sign up to another photo hosting service.

No photography skills or special equipment are required prior to the course; you can complete the projects with any kind of digital or 35mm film camera. You can be a total novice or an experienced amateur - there will still be something useful for you. The great thing is you don't need to travel or attend classes; you can work in the comfort of your own home! And there are no deadlines either; students can work in their own time and around work and personal commitments - from speeding through to taking it easy.

Proud Photography course is also fantastic value - just check the prices of their online courses to compare. Extremely generous 1-year money back guarantee makes their courses fantastic value for money. Yes - students have 365 days to claim their fee back if they don't start taking photographs they are proud of! This is a no risk investment, and a testament to how confident Proud Photography are of their course. Want to be a better photographer? Visit for more information and join over 10,000 students worldwide today!

3) Contest Corner Updates

We hold numerous contests throughout the year, and this section will give you a brief run down as to what's going on 'contest-wise' around the Corner.

Waltz on Wingtips is the October Photograph of the Month
An amazing photograph of 3 eagles - Shanna-Marie's first PotM victory.

Neil Shapiro Wins His Seventh Contest Corner Challenge
CCC#91: The Color and the Shape had some fantastic entries, but Neil adds another CCC notch to his belt.

Vote for the November 2011 Photograph of the Month
You still have one more day to cast your vote.

More Voting - This Time for CCC#92
You have until November 2nd to cast your vote for this Contest Corner Challenge.

4) From the Corner Blogosphere

Here are some posts you may have missed if you're not subscribed to the Corner Blog (hint: you can subscribe via RSS or email by clicking here: ).

Corner Member Close Up: Clark Kranz
A fantastic interview of the canine sports photographer from San Diego (with 2 dozen+ photos!).

SmugMug Corner #105: Christina Lawrie
15 beautiful photographs accompany this interview of an American Southwest photographer.

Corner Member Close Up: Mark Lent
One of my favorite interviews of the year so far, plus it includes over 30 photographs - a must read!

SmugMug Corner #106: David Morin
This interview includes a dozen photographs - definitely worth checking out.

October 2011 Bling
We gave out 3 awards this month, including a Platinum Commitment Award (our first one of the year!).

Corner Member Close Up: Tamara Eder
A fantastic interview with 28 fabulous photographs. If you've seen Tamara's photos, you won't want to miss this interview.

5) Around the Forums in 30 Days

Life is busy - we understand. This section will help catch you up on what you might be missing around the Corner forums. ;)

Questions & Suggestions Forum
New here and still trying to find your way around the Corner? Great resources in this forum for you.

SmugMug Support
There are a lot of SmugMug users around the Corner - talk about all things SmugMug here (and some coupon & give-aways, too!).

Website for Used Lenses
Thinking of buying used? See what sites other members recommend (and weigh-in if you've bought used before).

New Baby... New Camera
Some great advice for taking photographs of babies - read up and/or share your experiences!

Photography Circles in Google+
Connect with other photographers on Google+ (Google's new social network).

6) Any Day Now

My wife and I are expecting our first child within the next week or so (due date is November 1st), and when the little guy arrives, I may be a little pre-occupied for a couple of days/weeks. In the meantime, the Corner is in good hands with the volunteer moderators that help me keep this place running. That being said, don't be surprised if things like contests and blog posts are a little late in arriving. Obviously I'm going to try hard to keep on top of it, but from what I hear, I may just not have the time/energy for a while. Thanks in advance for understanding - and don't forget to thank a mod for helping out around the Corner - without them, this place would just whither away.

See you around the Corner,
Tim L. Walker

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