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Tim L. Walker October 30th, 2012 04:27 PM

Volume 9, Issue 7 - October 2012 Newsletter
Volume 9, Issue 7

1) Around the Corner
2) Sponsor:
3) Corner Contest Updates
4) Around the Forums in 30 Days
5) November Fundraiser

1) Around the Corner

For those of you that are new to PhotographyCorner, welcome to our community! Many of the members here consider the Corner their photographic home on the web. We share photographs, discuss equipment, techniques, and a variety of other photography and non-photography related subjects. If you've joined, but haven't yet started participating - jump right on in - you'll learn a lot more by participating (and it's a lot more fun as well!).

For those of you that call the Corner home, what do you want to see more of around the Corner? What do you want to see less of? Reply to this email and let me know one thing you love and one thing you'd love to see changed. I'll compile and list and we'll see what we can do to help the Corner to continue to evolve to the needs of the members. Keep your eye on the Corner Blog for the results.

2) Sponsor:

One of my favorite places to get prints and photography products from is I have several gallery wraps made by in my house as well as numerous prints. Their gallery wraps are printed (via the giclee printing process) on fine art canvas and wrapped around a 1.5" stretcher wooden frame. The backs of the wraps are nicely finished and come ready to hang with brackets on the back.

Another one of my favorite products from is their metallic prints. Their metallic photo paper features a unique pearlescent surface that offers highly saturated colors, ultra-bright backgrounds, and will last a lifetime with typical home storage. I rotate 4 different metallic prints in a 38x28 frame in my living room and they simply look amazing.

From now, until midnight CST on October 31st, 2012, receive 25% off metallic prints with coupon code "PC25" - one time use, and only for members of the Corner. But hurry - the offer expires in a little over 1 day! Visit to place your order today!

3) Corner Contest Updates

We hold numerous contests throughout the year, and this section will give you a brief run down as to what's been going on 'contest-wise' around the Corner.

"Now Be Silent" was the August 2012 PotM
With his 1st nominated photograph for a PotM contest, loeil brought home his first PotM victory.

The September 2012 Photograph of the Month was 'Dawn of Time' by Bozzzzz
With over 1/3rd of the votes, Mike ran away with the September 2012 Photograph of the Month contest.

Spicoli Wins the 100th Contest Corner Challenge
The “king” of Contest Corner Challenges, Spicoli, took this one - giving him a total of 13 CCC wins!

Jim Harris Wins the October 2012 PotM Contest
Check out Jim's beautiful winning photograph of the1920’s Pilons on Lake Munroe, Florida.

Focusing Lens is the Winner of Contest Corner Challenge #101: Photo Gear
“Focusing Lens” by yashrathod89 took top honors in CCC#101: Photo Gear with almost 1/5th of the votes.

Cast Your Vote for the November 2012 Photograph of the Month
There are only a few days left to get your vote in - winner receives the Zach Prez eBook Collection!

Get "Down to Business" for Contest Corner Challenge #102
Entries due in by November 11th - take a photograph that shouts "business" to enter this contest.

4) Around the Forums in 30 Days

Life is busy - we understand. This section will help catch you up on what you might be missing around the Corner forums. ;)

Gear Marketplace
Looking to buy some new gear, or sell off what you have? Try doing business with another member of the Corner!

People Forum
One of the most popular critique & feedback forums around the Corner.

Landscapes Forum
One of the other popular critique & feedback forums around the Corner.

Green Screen Wizard
Some great advice & discussion on using green screens in your workflow.

Cloning Primer
A fantastic tutorial on cloning by John (mrchile).

Family Portraits for Friends
Been asked to take some photographs for friends or family? This thread is full of amazing advice on how and what to do.

Picture Relay
A super fun photography game - over 50,000 views on this thread alone!

My Daughter Wins Ron Howards Canon Project Imagination Contest
Congrats to Jim's daughter for this amazing honor/opportunity!

5) November Fundraiser

As many of you know, it takes a lot of time and money to keep a site the size of PhotographyCorner up and running smoothly. Many of the costs associated with keeping the Corner alive are covered by sponsorships and advertising, but sometimes that just isn't enough. In the next week or so, we'll be doing a flash fundraiser for the site. Our goal will be to raise funds for the Corner as quickly as possible. There will be prizes to be won, and of course, it will help keep the Corner up and running long term. Make sure to follow the Corner on Twitter (@thecorner), like the Corner on Facebook ( and subscribe to the Corner Blog ( to make sure you don't miss any of the action.

See you around the Corner,
Tim L. Walker

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