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Tim L. Walker November 30th, 2013 05:08 PM

Volume 10, Issue November/December 2013 Newsletter
Volume 10, November/December 2013

1) Thankful for the Corner
2) Sponsor:
3) Contest Corner Updates
4) Around the Forums in 30 Days
5) Coming Up

1) Thankful for the Corner

While PhotographyCorner is definitely an international photography community, the majority of the community (upwards of 60%) is from the United States of America. As many, if not all of you, are aware, this weekend is the Thanksgiving long weekend in the USA. Regardless of if you’re in a country that celebrates Thanksgiving or not, it’s a great time to reflect on what you're thankful for in your life.

Obviously if you're into photography, you can be thankful you're quite wealthy (at least on a global scale) - photography is not a cheap hobby, and for those of us that consider photography a hobby or even a source of income, we are very blessed that we can afford to participate in a hobby that can cost thousands, and even tens of thousands, of dollars.

I, personally, am very thankful for the community of PhotographyCorner. Can you believe that in just a few months, the Corner will be celebrating its 10th birthday? That's ANCIENT in internet years. This community is one of the best photographic community online, and I am thankful for the part each and every one of you play in it. THANK YOU for making the Corner such an amazing destination for photography enthusiasts online.

2) Sponsor: fotoclasses

Online photography education has never been so rewarding! Take the best of real world education with creative and fun assignments followed by insightful feedback then combine it with the convenience of learning online and you have fotoclasses.

fotoclasses offers amazing digital photography courses by some of the best author/photographers working today combined with helpful and supportive feedback. We believe it takes more than watching a video to learn something new. Reinforce these new concepts with the guidance of a real world pro. Try any of our great courses and use PCORNER code to receive a special offer of 30% off:

3) Contest Corner Updates

We hold numerous contests throughout the year, and this section will give you a brief run down as to what is going on 'contest-wise' around the Corner.

November 2013 Photograph of the Month
Congratulations to carlogalliani on his fourth PotM victory!

Contest Corner Challenge #107: Ground Shipping
Not a lot of entries for this one, but paula pulled off the win with a beautiful photo of a painted train!

Voting for the December 2013 Photograph of the Month
You have just under a week to check out the entries and cast your vote for the final PotM of 2013.

Contest Corner Challenge #108: End of the Line
Take a photograph with a line as one of the main elements in the composition of the photograph.

4) Around the Forums in 30 Days

Life is busy - we understand. This section will help catch you up on what you might be missing around the Corner forums. ;)

Premiere Corner
The members-only section of the site. Want access? Become a Premiere Member TODAY:

Business of Photography
Turning your hobby into a revenue stream? Check out the Business of Photography forum.

Picture Relay
The most popular thread around the Corner - it's like tag with photos!

Photography 101
New to photography, or looking to improve? Ask and answer questions here.

Photography Equipment
Not sure what to ask for this Christmas? This is a great place to chat about your favourite cameras & accessories.

5) Coming Up

It is SO amazing that the Corner is almost a DECADE old, but we can't be content with where the Corner is at - we have to keep growing and changing - it's the only way we've managed to survive this long! So my question is this: if there was one thing you could change or add to the Corner, what would it be? More articles and product reviews? A forum reorganization? A shopping section? Better gallery software? Less ads (more ads)? Anything else? Reply to this newsletter and let me know what you want to see coming around the Corner… and you never know what the new year will bring. ;)

See you around the Corner,
Tim L. Walker

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