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moltogordo October 10th, 2014 03:26 PM

The Nechako River on XP2
Now that I've basically fulfilled my project of taking a picture with each of the cameras in my collection, I'm settling down now to do some actual photography with black and white film, with reliable vintage cameras.

So now the trick is to learn the films better, because they ARE diffferent from my heyday. So my next few posts will be about films, but the pictures I post should be considered as photographs, irrespective of technique, so flail away critically, by all means.

So you can ignore following two paragraphs if you wish, and just view the photograph as a normal post.

XP2 is a very unusual film. It uses dyes like color negative film, but in monochrome, and thus has plusses and minuses of that emulsion type. At it's best, it has almost no grain, incredible tonal graduation, and 4 stops of latitude. AT it's worst, it can produce truly ugly images. I'll show you these as well, in my next post.

But first up is the displayed image. Shot at dusk (light below the trees) at ISO 400, the rated speed of the emulsion. Exakta VX 500, 35mm Zeiss f2.8 Flektogon lens, 1/30th at f8. Just look at the picture for now as a photograph. This is the Nechako River, taken from the Foothills Bridge in north Prince George. I'll discuss the film characteristics in another post tomorrow, with positive and negative pictures.

Thanks for looking in. By the way, this is a scanned 4x6 machine print done by a one hour photo lab.

Thanks for looking in.

IKuhn October 13th, 2014 10:06 AM

Re: The Nechako River on XP2
Almost wouldn't know it's a black and white shot. I like that the trees are in shadow, but given the amount of detail in the ripple of the water, I almost wish I could see more detail in the forest.

I know a lot of people say that there should be something in the foreground of a water shot (i.e. pier, beach, prow of ship), but I kind of like this one as is.

moltogordo October 13th, 2014 02:24 PM

Re: The Nechako River on XP2
Thanks for your reply. Believe it or not, this shot was taken very close to 11:00 PM. I live pretty far up north, so we have an extended twilight in the summer (I think I took this shot in July). The sun was actually down.

In this situation the sky is very bright, but the shadows get dark really quickly. There really isn't much shadow detail to record - it really looks pretty much like you see here. The sky and reflections are bright, but as the forest is illuminated solely by reflection, it remains pretty dark. As this is a machine print scan, I could only wring out a touch of shadow detail with a curves adjustment. I'll be interested myself to see what a darkroom print will look like - but the negative in the tree area is pretty clear so I'm not expecting much.

This area of the Nechako has always fascinated me . . . . I've photographed it many times. This is the first time I have a shot that isn't boring. It's one of those spots that looks beautiful but doesn't seem to want to look good on film or sensor, try as I might.

Your comment about color/black and white is well taken - this shot wouldn't have looked much different in color!

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