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JAshley April 6th, 2017 11:00 AM

How to Use Graduated + Radial Filters in Lightroom

Lightroom is a great tool for organizing and editing your images. Basic controls like exposure and white balance make changes to your entire image.

What if you only want to make changes to part of your photo?

How to Use Graduated Filters

To create a Graduated Filter, first click on the Develop Module and click on the grey rectangle on the top of the right side bar. This will bring up the controls for the Graduated Filter.

To apply a Graduated Filter on your image, click and drag across your photo. To move the Graduated Filter, click the center circle and drag it to the desired location.

Click and drag the outside lines to define the feathering of the Graduated filter, and rotate the center line to rotate the entire Graduated Filter.

Once creating the filter, adjust the settings in the right sidebar. The changes you make will only appear in the filter.

How to Use Radial Filters

The Radial Filter is located to the right of the Graduated Filter and looks like a circe. Create and alter the Radial Filter the same way as the Gradual Filter.

By default, the filter will effect everything outside of the Radial Area, click on ‘Invert Mask’ on the bottom of the Radial Filter dialog to effect the space inside the Radial Area.

Add or subtract from the mask by clicking on the ‘Brush’ option in the Masking section on the top of the filter. Paint areas to include them in the effected areas. To remove areas, hold ALT/OPTN and paint over parts of the photo.

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