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Corner Reporter October 2nd, 2017 05:05 PM

How to Hold Your Camera
My topic this week may seem overly basic, but holding a camera isn't something to be taken for granted. "Camera shake" may be affecting your images even if you don't realize it. Especially those of us who work under varying lighting conditions, it doesn't hurt to take another look. Just what is the best way to hold a camera?....


agiledogs October 6th, 2017 01:32 AM

Re: How to Hold Your Camera
Tripods are nice, tripods are stable, yet tripods reduce flexibility and are unable to instantly change to support truly fast moving subjects. Oh sure you can put on a gimble head but that still will not provide the full flexibility of being able to drop low for a few shots, change from portrait to landscape orientation and shoot again within a few seconds. Even when travelling and walking the streets, one cannot expect all subjects to wait until the tripod is set up and ready.

I would advise to learn as many different hand holding techniques as possible and practice the ones that suit both you and your subject. Are there times when a tripod is usable great use it.

In some venues and locales you may not even be allowed to bring a tripod and without practice hand held shooting may seem impossible, but using yourself as a tripod, using surrounding items for extra support can go a long way in adding extra stability.

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