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Tim L. Walker July 10th, 2004 07:38 PM

Forum "Guidelines"
I've always hated the term "rules." I figure, we're all responsible adults here, and we do not need more "rules." These are, instead, enforced "guidelines." Perhaps that's just literary semantics, but it makes me feel better about having them here nonetheless.

While we're fairly flexible when it comes to what can and cannot be posted here at PhotographyCorner, here are the suggested "guidelines" we wish everyone here to follow.

Basic Conduct
  • "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I think this is fairly straight forward. This rule really encompasses what this forum is all about. Refrain from insulting someone directly. Feel free to critique the photograph, but not the photographer.
  • Nudity. You may find some photographs on this forum that contain nudity. The human form is considered art, and we will both respect the people that post it as such. On the other side, however, if you are going to post nude photographs (and you're certainly welcome to in the Fine Art Nudes forum), please make sure they are not "dirty." I do not need to go into details - just use your common sense. We reserve the right to remove photographs that may be offensive. If you are going to post a thread with a photograph that has nudity in it, please post it in the Fine Art Nudes Forum. If you do not yet have access to the Fine Art Nudes forum (you can request access after 50 posts), please refrain from posting up any photographs with nudity until you have access.
  • Spamming. If your purpose for joining this forum is to either spam or to post a link to your site, very simply, we will remove your post and/or ban your account. There are no grey areas here.
  • Common Sense. If you just use common sense, you'll be fine. ;) But, Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to edit and/or delete any post that they deem as unacceptable.

Avatars & Signatures
  • You are welcome to add your own avatar to your profile if you wish. It must be smaller than 75x75 pixels and less than 10kb in size. Please refrain from using any animated gifs or anything that may be considered offensive.
  • Signature files can be edited in your profile. Please do not use any images in your signature. Signatures cannot be "spidered" by search engines, so don't bother stuffing it full of links, thinking you'll get backlinks from it.
  • Due to an increase in "signature spam," you have to obtain a certain number of posts before your signature will be viewable by other members. Just post away, and eventually it'll show up. ;)

Uploading Photographs
  • You may either upload photographs to the forum, to the Corner Photo Galleries, or you may upload photographs to a 3rd party image hosting site and link to them.
  • All photos posted on the site using our own attachment upload module can be controlled in your profile. If you'd like to remove any, you can from there. However, if you upload your photographs to the Corner Galleries, the photographs are stored and controlled from there.
  • Please only post 1 photograph per thread in the Critiques & Feedback Corner and a maximum of 3 photographs per post in the Photo Sharing Corner

Tim L. Walker July 20th, 2009 08:46 PM

Re: Forum "Guidelines"
<updated July 9th, 2009>

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