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Tim L. Walker November 22nd, 2007 07:14 PM

Volume 4, Issue 9 - November 2007 Newsletter
Volume 4, Issue 9

1) Show Us Your Stuff
2) Sponsor: SmugMug
3) Contest Updates
4) Helping Others to StumbleUpon the Corner
5) "Noteworthy Notables"
6) Are You Ready?

1) Show Us Your Stuff

One of the things that makes the Corner such an awesome place for photographers (and photographers-to-be) to hang out is that we all check our ego's at the door. Oneof42 may be the PotM king, and Spicoli may be the CCC champ, but they're out there helping everyone whenever they have a chance (and learning from others too!). The corner isn't just a place where we can show off our best shots, but we can help, and get help, with those photographs that just aren't quite perfect. We can get and give feedback, give and receive critiques, post and comment on photographs taken by photographers from around the world. Gotta love it. One of the best ways you can help others around the Corner is by writing articles, creating tutorials and doing product reviews for our photography resource center ( ). Do you know a technique that other photographs would benefit from? What about the neat trick you do in Photoshop - think that would make a good tutorial? Then there's that new lens you got - wanna share why you love it so much? Share your knowledge with the rest of the community!! Check out this thread for more details on how you can contribute an article, tutorial or product review here:

2) Sponsor: SmugMug

Unless you're completely brand new (and there are some of you... we get 5-10 new members/day - sometimes more!), you're at least a little familiar with one of our awesome sponsors: You know what they offer - unlimited photo storage, gorgeous galleries, a bunch of sweet tools for photographers, website templates, photo ordering and printing, awesome customer service, top-notch security and a bunch more. Oh, and speaking of "a bunch more," we've got an awesome announcement to make. If you don't have a SmugMug account already, you'll want one now. They've got custom greeting cards now! Choose from 37 designs that you'll only find at SmugMug. For Grandmas and bikers... and Biker Grandmas! Available in three finishes, the cards are professionally printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Your prints will look perfect today, tomorrow, next week and for years to come! You pick the photos. You write the words. Buy 'em by the box: 20, 50, or 100 at a time. And just to sweeten the deal, if you use coupon code "GWNW" you'll get 20% your first year subscription! Check them out:

3) Contest Updates

While the amazing photography community we have here is one of the reasons so many photographers stick around the Corner, it's the contests that bring them in. With 30 contests/year, there are tons of opportunities to participate, submit entries, vote, and win prizes! Andy (aka Oneof42) won his second-in-a-row Photograph of the Month contest, taking the November 2007 PotM honors. We've had a couple of Contest Corner Challenges since last newsletter, too. Carl (aka Spicoli) won his eighth (yes, 8th) CCC, winning CCC#40: Trick or Treat, and Jeff (aka JustJerk) won his third CCC, taking home the prize for CCC#41: Shades of Grey with his awesome monochrome photograph (currently featured on the homepage of the Corner) called "Life Forgot Him." Just a couple of days ago, we announced Contest Corner Challenge #42: Window to the Soul. You know how the saying goes: “The eyes are the window to the soul.” In photography, the eyes, especially in portrait photography, make or break the photograph. Contest Corner Challenge #42: Window to the Soul challenges members of the Corner to photograph someone, and make their eyes be the main subject of the photograph. When someone looks at this photograph, the first thing they should notice is the eyes (no selective color allowed). You think you’re up for the challenge? Entries are due by Monday, December 3rd, with a copy of StudioLine Photo Classic 3 up from grabs courtesy of H&M Software. Woohoo!

4) Helping Others to StumbleUpon the Corner

Did you know that other than Google, the one site that drives the most photographers to the Corner is I know you know what Google is, but are you familiar with StumbleUpon ( URL: )? Think of it like a random channel surfer for the internet that shows you cool sites, videos, photos and other neat stuff on the internet based on your interests. It even "learns" what you like (and dislike) and makes better recommendations. Not only is it just a cool site in general, but we can help drive more traffic to the Corner with StumbleUpon. You can join StumbleUpon here: and you can download the toolbar here: I'll go over some more ways to promote the Corner via StumbleUpon in the Corner Blog in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, once you've downloaded the toolbar, when you're surfing the Corner and come across a cool article, thread, photograph - whatever - just click the "I like it!" button on your toolbar. The more people that click that button, the more popular it becomes. The more popular it becomes, more and more people will "stumble upon" the Corner. Pretty cool, eh?

5) "Noteworthy Notables"

For those that are relatively new to the Corner, the Noteworthy Notables have been a steadfast section here in the Corner Newsletter. It gives a brief run-down of the cool threads, new articles and blog posts, and other "worth checking out" stuff that has happened here on the Corner.

Kodak Contest – Win Yourself a Printer (and More!)
Ok, the entry period for this awesome contest is over, but the winners will be announced soon - keep your eyes on the Corner Blog to find out who won

SmugMug Corner #10: Andy Williams
The 10th installment of our SmugMug Corner Interview Series - the in-house photographer @ SmugMug

Tutorial: Overlaying Two Exposures
A neat tutorial by RogersDA about combining two images with two different exposures.

Corner Member Interviews: shutterbug2007
Meet Ben - always good to know more about other photographers that hang around the Corner

Corner Special for Inkjet Paper - $4.99!
A limited time offer from Red River Paper - free shipping, too!

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Review
A quick look at the pros and cons, and one users’ experience upgrading to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Picture Relay
One of the most popular threads on the Corner - join the fun!

How Do I Enter the Photograph of the Month Contest?
Just in case you wanted to know...

How Do I Enter a Contest Corner Challenge?
Everyone can enter. Everyone can win! Don't you want to know how?

6) Are You Ready?

Just over a month 'til Christmas... but if you're a member of the Corner, there's something you've been anxiously awaiting for almost a year. Yup, that's right... just a couple more weeks until the announcement of the PhotographyCorner 2007 Photograph of the Year contest. Remember last year? Hundreds of entries, over $14,000 in prizes. Is your mouth watering? Wait until you find out what companies are sponsoring the contest this year... ;) But you'll have to wait a couple more weeks. Are you ready?

See you around the Corner,
Tim L. Walker

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