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Tim L. Walker June 7th, 2009 12:07 AM

Critiques & Feedback Corner Guidelines
Critiques & Feedback Corner Guidelines
  • The Critiques & Feedback Corner forums are strictly to be used for posting photographs up for critique and feedback, and for providing critiques and feedback on said photographs. If you just want to display your photographs and do not want to receive feedback or critiques, please post them to the Photo Sharing Corner or to the Corner Galleries.
  • There is a limit of 1 photograph per thread (though different versions or variations of the same photograph are permitted, as are several photographs presented as a series) - any posts with more than one photograph posted in the Critiques & Feedback Corner will be moved to the Photo Sharing Corner.
  • When posting a photograph in the Critiques & Feedback Corner, please be specific when asking for critiques and feedback. If people don't know what kind of critique or feedback you're looking for, it is a lot harder to provide that feedback. If you're looking for an in-depth critique, please remember to share your EXIF data as well - even if you just want some general feedback. Sharing your EXIF data will greatly increase the amount and quality of feedback you receive.
  • Don't flood the Critiques & Feedback Corner by starting a bunch of new threads in a short period of time. Photography is exciting, and it's always great to receive feedback on a large number of photographs, but if you post too many threads in a short period of time then everyone else's threads get pushed to the bottom of the page, or even to the next page.
  • It's often easier to show people rather than tell them how you'd change their photographs. Some people, however, don't appreciate it when you edit their photographs. If you want to edit someone's photograph, please make sure to ask before going ahead and making those changes.
  • Don't forget the "Golden Corner Rule" - for each photographeth thine doth upload, maketh at least thrice replieths on the photographeths of thy neighbour (i.e., for every photograph you upload, make at least 3 comments (5 or more would be better) comments on photographs uploaded by others in the community).
  • In the event that these guidelines are not followed, moderators may enforce these guidelines by removing threads/posts and/or deleting images.

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