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Tim L. Walker November 30th, 2009 03:03 PM

Volume 6, Issue 11 - November 2009 Newsletter
Volume 6, Issue 11

1) Staying Motivated
2) Sponsor:
3) Corner Contest Updates
4) New Corner Resources
5) From the Corner Blogosphere
6) Video Corner Clips
7) Around the Forums in 30 Days
8) Going Through the Archives

1) Staying Motivated

I've noticed a trend in the Conversation Corner ( ) lately - a lot of venting and frustration. While it's not uncommon for frustration to be higher during tough economic times, it is interesting to see where the frustration is directed. Some are frustrated with themselves - their inability to grow as a photographer as quickly as they think they ought to be able to - while others are frustrated with equipment, clients, lack of clients, customers, technology, etc. Regardless of WHY you're frustrated, and regardless of what is it that is frustrating you, it's exceedingly hard to stay motivated. Whether you think you're stuck in a photographic rut, or you have equipment malfunctions, or you're dealing with difficult clients, the key is to not get frustrated. Sure there are days/weeks/months where you feel like you're making no progress, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Think back to when you got your first camera or when you first realized that you loved photography. Remember that feeling? Work towards getting that feeling again (my bet is that it will return if you spend some quality time with your camera at your favorite photography location... but that's just me). The more you love it, the easier it'll be to stay motivated... and the more you love it and the longer you work at it, the better your photography will be. That's reason enough, isn't it?

2) Sponsor:

Whether we like it or not, shopping is a big focus this time of year. In fact, at least in some parts of the world, this past Friday (Black Friday) is basically a shopping holiday. Today (Cyber Monday) is also a huge shopping day - we will spend billions of dollars online today. Retailers are more than aware of this, and thus there are some fantastic sales to be had. One of the biggest, if not the biggest, online retailer is none other than, and they have some HUGE Cyber Monday sales on (many of which will continue on through Christmas). A portion of each purchase at through this link goes to supporting the Corner. Get your holiday shopping done early, avoid crazy crowds, and support the Corner all at the same time. It's a win-win situation. Click on this link to start your holiday shopping (and saving!) today:

3) Contest Corner Updates

We hold numerous contests throughout the year, and this section will give you a brief run down as to what's going on 'contest-wise' around the Corner.

Lake Little Tso-Moriri by Soumen is the November 2009 PotM
A stellar photograph of Lake Little Tso-Moriri in India - congrats to soumen on his first PotM win!

Vote for the Last PotM of the Year
Voting ends later tonight - if you haven't already, cast your vote ASAP!

Nature's Packaging by That's Me Wins CCC#69
The egg shell - nature's original packaging indeed - this marks Christi's second CCC win.

Photograph "Shopping" for the Last Contest Corner Challenge of 2009
We've already talked about shopping, and for the last CCC of the year, it's your task to photograph "shopping."

4) New Corner Resources

We usually try to add several new articles/tutorials/product reviews to the Corner Resource Center every month and this section lists the new resources we've recently added (we only have 1 this month, so check the 2nd link to see how you can contribute an article, tutorial or product review to the Corner Resource Center!).

How to Make Colors POP in Your Photos
A great walk-through using Photoshop Elements 7 on how to get the colors to POP in your photographs.

Call For Articles, Tutorials and Product Reviews

5) From the Corner Blogosphere

Here are some posts you may have missed if you're not subscribed to the Corner Blog (hint: you can subscribe via RSS or email by clicking here: ).

SmugMug Corner #55: John Chapman
A great interview with 11 amazing photographs.

November 2009 Bling
Only 1 commitment award was handed out this month - read this blog post to find out who!

SmugMug Corner #56: William E Sharp
Another great installment of the SmugMug Corner interview series - if you love concert photography (or music in general), this is a must read.

6) Video Corner Clips

Twice a week (Photoshop Mondays and Photography Thursdays) a new video is published on the Corner Blog. Check out the new videos from the past month:

Video Corner #33: Photographing a Red Deer - Part 2

Video Corner #34: Creating an Orange Sky in Adobe Lightroom 2

Video Corner #35: Photographing a Badger - Part 1

Video Corner #36: Converting Photos to Blank & White

Video Corner #37: Photographing a Badger - Part 2

Video Corner #38: How to Create Easy Photo Frames & Borders in Photoshop

Video Corner #39: Photographing a Brown Hare

Video Corner #40: Creating Mood with Gaussian Blur in Photoshop

Video Corner #41: Photographing Butterflies

Video Corner Bonus Videos - Greeting Cards

Video Corner #42: Softening Skin with Surface Blur in Photoshop

7) Around the Forums in 30 Days

Life is busy - I understand. This section will help catch you up on what you might have missed around the Corner forums in the past month.

Is there anything different between a muslin background, a fabric shower curtain, and bed sheet?
See what other people think - maybe even weigh in on the subject.

Can someone give me a dummy's explanation to horizon line?
The age-old question: how do you know when to break the rules?

Off camera lighting, post your shots!
Learn about, look at examples, and post up shots taken with OCF (off camera flash).

A Photography Corner Story
The story of the travelling Timbert continues - check out the story and photographs. ;)

Picture Relay
We have over 750 posts in this thread - think you can get to 1000 by the end of the year? It's fun and it helps improve your photography!

8) Going Through the Archives

For those of you that have called PhotographyCorner their photography-home on the internet for over a year, you already know what happens around the Corner in December and January: the Photograph of the Year contest. In the next week or so, the contest will be announced. New sponsors, new prizes - are you ready? The past 3 contests have featured over $50,000 in combined prizes, hundreds of entries, tens of thousands of votes, and hundreds of thousands of visitors. If you've taken a lot of photographs this year, you'd better start going through your archives. To check out some of the past Photograph of the Year contests, visit - and if you want to know about the contest as soon as it's announced, make sure you're subscribed to the Corner Blog: (look for the blue buttons on the right for subscription options). Sponsors are still filing in, but it looks like we've got some sweet prizes lined up again this year. Think you've got a photo good enough to compete? I know you do - just go find it in your archives. ;)

See you around the Corner,
Tim L. Walker

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