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Tim L. Walker March 29th, 2011 05:21 PM

Volume 8, Issue 3 - March 2011 Newsletter
Volume 8, Issue 3

1) 20,000
2) Sponsor: Red River Paper
3) Corner Contest Updates
4) New Corner Resources
5) From the Corner Blogosphere
6) Video Corner Clips
7) Around the Forums in 30 Days
8) Jump Right On In

1) 20,000

If you check out that little statistic section on the homepage of, you'll notice that the number of members at the Corner is inching ever-so-close to 20,000. That's kind of crazy when you think of it. 20,000 people. And that's not including the hundreds of thousands of people who drop by each month without signing up for an account. The moderators and I have a little game going: who can guess the date closest to when we hit the big 20,000. Care to venture a guess? I've got May 7th down. ;) If you want to help us get there a little faster, why not invite a friend to the Corner? Some of the most active members have been personally invited by other members. The more the merrier, right?

2) Sponsor: Red River Paper

Save 40% on Premium Satin Inkjet Paper from Red River Paper. Red River's UltraPro Satin offers the same quality as the big retail brands and saves you up to 40%. Compare to Epson Premium Luster, Ilford Smooth Pearl, and Canon Photo Paper Plus SemiGloss. Available in sheets 4x6 up to 17x25 with same day shipping. Check it out here:

Try a box today and save even more. Use promo code PHOTOCORNER for 10% additional savings! (expires April 10th) -

3) Contest Corner Updates

We hold numerous contests throughout the year, and this section will give you a brief run down as to what's going on 'contest-wise' around the Corner.

Randy Brogen wins the March 2011 PotM
A compositionally fantastic photograph by Randy gives him his first PotM victory.

"To Peer Through the Trees" Wins CCC #83
A long-awaited, first CCC win for Amelia (aheart2heart) with a great shot of the moon.

Cast Your Vote for CCC#84: Parallel
You have until the end of the month to cast your vote - almost 40 entries to wade through, so get going!

Time to Vote for the April Photograph of the Month
As always, we have 15 spectacular photographs up for the PotM - you have until the end of March to vote.

4) New Corner Resources

We usually try to add several new articles/tutorials/product reviews to the Corner Resource Center every month and this section lists the new resources we've recently added. Want to submit your own article, tutorial or product review - we'd love that! Get more info here:

SmugMug Pro - Photo Sharing and Hosting
A review of SmugMug, and specifically the SmugMug Pro photo hosting service.

Photography on Display
An article that discusses why printing out your photographs is as important part of the photographic process.

5) From the Corner Blogosphere

Here are some posts you may have missed if you're not subscribed to the Corner Blog (hint: you can subscribe via RSS or email by clicking here: ).

Corner Member Close Up: Mohammed Ali AlQahtani
20 amazing photographs are included with this photographer interview of the Corner member better known as MAAQ.

SmugMug Corner #90: Dennis Ginley & Deb Pezzotti
Our first SmugMug Corner photographer interview with a husband and wife team.

Corner Member Close Up: Dan Braam
An interview with one of the original members of the Corner - you probably know Dan as DDAY.

Two New Resources Added to the Corner Resource Center
In case you missed it earlier, just a quick post about the new resources added to the Corner Resource Center.

SmugMug Corner #91: Robert Resnick
A great interview with a "Photoshop Artist" from Wisconsin - includes a dozen+ photographs.

Do You "Like" the Corner?
The Corner finally has Facebook "Like" buttons - go on and "like" some of your favorite threads and photos.

6) Video Corner Clips

Twice a week (Photoshop Mondays and Photography Thursdays) a new video is published on the Corner Blog. Check out the new videos from the past month:

Video Corner #170: A Look at the Various Lasso Tools in Adobe Photoshop

Video Corner #171: Taking Outdoor Portraits with Ambient Light and Flashes

Video Corner #172: How to Use the Magic Wand Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Video Corner #173: Controlling the Sun in Outdoor Photography

Video Corner #174: Using the Pen Tool as a Selection Tool in Adobe Photosho

Video Corner #175: The Female Formal Portrait Pose

Video Corner #176: How to use the Quick Selection Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Video Corner #177: Photographing Electronics

Video Corner #178: How to Use the Refine Edge Command in Adobe Photoshop

7) Around the Forums in 30 Days

Life is busy - we understand. This section will help catch you up on what you might be missing around the Corner forums. ;)

Business of Photography Forum
If you make some (or a lot!) of money with your photography - discuss the business side of photography here.

Longer Exposure Shots
Great discussion on the in's-and-out's of long exposure photography.

The Corner Blog (Comments)
Want to comment on any posts in the Corner Blog - the comments section is right inside the forum!

Picture Relay
The best game on the Corner, and a neat way to share some photographs from your archive.

The Corner Chatroom
You didn't know we had a chatroom?

Happy Birthday PhotographyCorner!!!
Yup, it's true - we turned 7 just a few days ago.

We're Meeting Up In Allentown!
A real, live Corner meet-up in Allentown, PA. May 11-15, 2011. You should come!

8) Jump Right On In

While there are almost 20,000 people signed up for an account at PhotographyCorner, only a fraction of the people that sign up for an account actually jump in and participate on a regular basis. Are you one of those people? A lurker? Maybe you're nervous your photography isn't "good enough" yet? I'd like to encourage you to jump right on in. If you tell us you're nervous and a beginner, we'll be gentle - I promise. Lurking and reading threads and looking at the beautiful photography is a great start. But if you were to ask any of the active members of the Corner, they'll tell you it's the interaction that has most improved their photography (and, in many cases, created and solidified friendships!). Even if you love photography, but you're not a photographer, your comments on photos are more than welcome. Most of the world is made up of non-photographers, and we certainly welcome comments from the masses just as readily as we do from other photographers (beginners, amateurs and professionals alike!).

So if you've been sitting on the fence about participating, take this as a personal invitation, $username. We'd love to have you participating more. Post up 1 photo in the Photo Sharing Corner. I dare you. ;)

See you around the Corner,
Tim L. Walker

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