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Hi Dave I know I have not been with the program in a while ,I have been really busy with moving, my husband is sick and now is it is just going to get worse for a while. We did take out time from seeing so many Dr.s to take a long Vac. out to Az. and Ind. to see friends and family,I did get to take some wonderful photos now I have to edit and submitt and I was offered a job for 2 wall hangings in a nail salon, so I have been coming up with diff. ideas for them I want it elegant, colorful and thier logo has to be in the photo,It would be so much easier if I new how to work with my p.s a little better, I have been practicing and I get frustrated,I do not edit alot, but putting in other objects just does not do it for me. I like it real.So I will try to get in the picture a bit more asap.Colleen-sailfishes.