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October 18th - Codorus State Park (PA) Photowalk

Photowalk: Fall "Scatter" Photowalk
Sunday, October, 18, 2009
1:00 PM
Codorus State Park, Near Hanover, PA
Sponsored by Andy Smith of Visual Realia

From the event web site:

"Join other photography and outdoor enthusiasts as we explore the marina area of Codorus State Park, located near Hanover, PA. We’ll meet at 1:00 for a group photo and basic info, then split into groups as we look into the nooks and crannies for great photography finds. We’ll gather back at our starting spot around 3:00 and share photos, light snacks and conversation. Later, we’ll share our photos online for all to see."

Following the successful photowalks in Gettysburg, Harrisburg and York, I wanted to find a new spin or two for the next walk. Here goes:

1) Instead of a preset two mile route, we'll cover the marina area of the park in small groups, heading whichever way we'd like. Walkers can be aggressive and cover a lot of ground, while families with small children can follow the whims of the kids. We'll also always be within a reasonable distance of the public restrooms, and our date selection should put us fairly close to peak color in the lower portion of Pennsylvania.

2) We'll gather at a set time to share photos, stories and just enjoy each other's company. If everyone brings a small finger-food snack to share, we can eat during our gathering without requiring a lot of utensils and make clean-up an easy task. More on snacks later.

It doesn't matter what skill level you are as a photographer, and any camera is fine from an top-notch SLR to an inexpensive point and shoot. This is a perfect family event! Encourage the kids by giving them a disposable camera of their own.

Check out the Previous Walks page on the web site:

(Check back… the site will grow as we add more info.)

Email me to join the Codorus Fall Scatter Photowalk email list if you'd like to receive future updates on this walk.

Thanks! Hope to see everyone there.