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Originally Posted by Tim L. Walker
I did something similar to what Rob suggested above... not exactly the same, but I did up the Red & green... played with contract and saturation.
Originally Posted by RobW
One thing I'm thinking, is that the tones seem a touch 'cool' for a summer's day, particularly on the children's skin, unless you were trying to get the effect of a high sun. If you're comfortable with photoshop, maybe try the color balance and boost the midtone yellows and reds a bit, maybe even a touch of green as well to bring out the trees.

I played with your photo, and thought that this combination worked (you can try it)

Cyan-Red +30
Magenta-Green +20
Yellow-Blue -30

These option may be different on something other than PS7
This edit is way KEWL! I mistakenly thought the original needed the extra shadow object in the foreground to help the rays focus on the children and I also thought it lent to the element of continuation--NOT SO!

The edit you've made gives the pic a whole new feel.

So, RobW, am I right in assuming that midtone yellows and reds will enhance skin tone? And are the changes you suggest toing to be global changes or selective on the skin?

Tim, what dimension should the original have been? LPI and DPI?

Thanks guys, You're making an Artist of me.

My Photos Are OK to Edit--Please, show me how the pros do it.