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Re: Corner Photowalk San Diego June 11th 2011

Regarding parking in downtown San Diego, Clark is correct . . . except that there is one lot that charges considerably less due to a development restriction/deal/whatever. 6th Ave is a one-way street that ends at the Omni Hotel at L Street. If you take 6th Ave southbound (the only way it goes), the large parking structure will be on your left occupying the block between K and L Streets. I park there often, and have never seen that lot charge more than $10, often it's less, unless maybe there is a ball game going at Petco Park (in which case I'm nowhere near there). That's where I parked that last time the SD-DSLR club met downtown. It's only block walk from the Gaslamp sign on 5th Ave.

BTW - thanks for telling me about this site Clark.