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Re: Another One Bites The Dust

I hated all those layers of wrap they put on post op. My last knee surgery was done by my regular orthopedic doc along with an intern. They sought my approval beforehand and I agreed.

The intern did most of the work including the cuts and closing/wrapping. Somewhere along the way he damaged a nerve that affects the area for my kneecap. That area is now to this day always numb, continually feels like it's been shot up with Novocaine. I freak my wife out on occasion because I can stick pins in it like nothing, there's no feeling, no flinching.

I can live with that. The worst part was the wrap. The ace wrap was put on so tight my leg and especially my foot were beyond numb in the recovery room. I complained to the nurses and was told this is how it is supposed to be. I told them this was my 5th time to the dance and never had this type of effect in the past. I was told it would be OK and I could remove the wraps after 3 days. So home I went. The next day the pain was unbearable, not the surgically repaired knee but my calf and foot. After another 1/2 day I couldn't take it anymore and removed the wrap. Aaaahhh! Relief.... So I thought.

The next day I got up and the pain was again unbearable. But there was no wrap. Called the doc and he seemed very concerned. Come right in to the ER, I'll meet you there. So now I'm nervous. Get in and they immediately take me to the vascular lab. 5 minutes and an ultrasound later it was a confirmed blood clot in my calf. After a week in the hospital and IV blood thinners I was sent on my way. My knee suffered because they wouldn't let me walk around and PT was out of the question.

Later the doc confirmed that both issues were probably caused by the intern. I just filed under "things happen"......

This also leads to a story about the healthcare system and why things are so messed up but I'll save that for a later time!

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