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Re: Glam Shots

Am surprised that there's no responses here... OK, I'm not shy!

The first two have more of an advertorial feel to them than a portrait- thins is NOT a bad thing because that type of photography is in demand, and if you can do it well, you will work. I tend to be a little more old school on portraits- I don't like eyes crossing noses, I like images that are at eye-level and the person looking into the frame... Just me though. The lighting is off a tad in each- make sure that you are critical in lighting these kinds of images. Note on the middle shot the slight shadow on the right side of her nose. Should be shadow-less. Also, soften your light a bit and use the retouching tool (if you have Photoshop) to take away some of those acne scars and imperfections in her skin. Even with these, I LIKE these two shots. Really great attempt and you've got the right idea, I think.

The third shot, not so much. To me, when I first glanced at these images, it looked like she had her pants down and squatting... Not a flattering portrait and the feather things on her legs are not purposeful and distract the viewer from the REAL subject in the photo. Stick to the first two more than this kind of work.