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Re: San Diego Shoot

Originally Posted by agiledogs View Post
Well next Saturday (8/13) is the monthly groupshoot for the SD DSLR Club down along the embarcadaro in Downtown San Diego. We will be meeting at 9:00AM at the Star of India with a group photo at 9:20. Lunch will be at the Elephant Grille.

Things to see and shoot:
Uban Trees,
Boats, lots of boats.
Maritime Museum (This includes several ships including 2 subs)

The club is a great host of people with a camera problem....or at least that's how it was described today...LOL Any and all are welcome to attend. The club meets monthly at different locations throught the city.
Thanks for posting this here Clark. This should be a fun get together - anyone in the San Diego area (or who wants to drive to San Diego for a nice weekend) should consider it. It's a good group of folks (if I do say so) and lots of fun stuff to see and photograph.

One correction Clark - and I'm surprised you didn't notice this being an engineer-type: the group photo is listed as being at 9:23AM. That's not a typo, Shawn thought we might need more time to get organized, so I threw in a few a minutes to keep her happy.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, the "Elephant Grille" is a British pub, not some sort of exotic meat restaurant. Never been there but I hear it's good.

Here is a link to the club website.
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